About websites for placing articles, links, etc. for Webmasters

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About websites for placing articles, links, etc. for Webmasters
  • Whats the fee of eTXT for webmasters?

    The fee is 10% of the cost charged by the webmaster for placing the advertisers content on their websites. Its divided equally between the webmaster (5%) and the advertiser (5%).

  • I want to add a website. What are the requirements that should be met to add a website?

    We dont add websites if they:

    - Have too many ads;
    - Have viruses and viral ads;
    - Are not indexed by Yandex the minimum acceptable number of pages indexed by Yandex is 2 pages;
    - Contain pornographic, vulgar or violent content, infringing or illegal content, specifically any materials inciting violence or advocating the overthrow of the government, inciting discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, etc. which is prohibited by the Russian law, or links to such websites.

  • How long does it take to check a website for violating the requirements and whats the procedure?

    Our moderators check all websites manually within 24 hours.

  • I placed an article on my website but havent been paid yet. Why?

    Please see how many days the article has been indexed for. The payment is deposited to the webmasters account after 30 days the page with the article has been indexed by Yandex.

  • I have a lot of websites to add and adding them one by one would take too much time. Is there a way for me to do it faster?

    Websites can be added on a one-by-one basis or batch-added from a CSV file.

  • An article was placed on one page of the website, but then it was moved to another page. Wont it be indexed because the old web address is used?
    To change the URL, contact our feedback team with the new article and website URLs, and well take care of the rest.
  • I have a question that hasnt been covered in this section. What should I do?
    For more information, please click here or contact our feedback team.
  • Whos a webmaster?

    Webmasters are system users offering their websites to advertisers in order to earn money for placing their content on their websites.

  • Recommended prices for sites depending on ICS (Site Quality Index)
    • SQI from 0 to 10 - from 1 rub up to 100 rub
    • from 20 to 50 - from 100 rub up to 200 rub
    • from 60 to 100 - from 200 rub up to 350 rub
    • from 110 and more - from 350 rub and more
  • Batch loading sites from a CSV file
    For the bulk loading of sites you can use the sites import from a CSV file: a text file with a separator;
    File Line Format:
    website address; price; category name; attachment level of the articles catalog; type of placement;the maximum number of links in the article; non-thematic links; types of publications; placement time; payment for the placement; the site description

    • the maximum line length in the CSV file is 1000 characters
    • encoding in CSV file - windows-1251
    • an address which length is less than 7 characters will be ignored
    • if the site already exists in the system, it will be ignored
    • if the price is not specified, then the site will be ignored
    • the name of the site is taken equal to the address
    • the category name must exactly match the category name on the site (not more than 5 categories can be indicated), if this field is empty or the specified category is not found, then all main categories will be assigned to the site
    • the attachment level of the article catalog - the number 0-3, 0 - on the main and so on.
    • type of accommodation: 1 - forever, 2 - per month
    • non-thematic links: 0 - no, 1 - yes
    • types of publications (several separated by commas): 1 - article, 2 - link, 3 - press release, 4 - news, 5 - advertisement, 6 - comment, 7 - message. If the field is not specified, then the site will be ignored
    • placement time: 0 - not determined, 1 - during a day, 2 - within 3 days, 3 - during a week
    • payment for placement: 0 - payment for indexing (after 30 days of indexing the article by Yandex), 1 - payment without indexing (only for the placement)