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Orders for Authors
  • I was removed from the order and accused of not doing the work by myself. Yes, I bought that article. Yet, I corrected all the mistakes myself.

    Executing an order implies that you do the work by yourself according to the definition of Order specified in paragraph 1.10 of the Business Proposal. The author is obliged to inform the client about the fact that the article has been purchased or written with the help of third parties and then revised/edited. This applies to all rewriting orders.

    This makes sense, doesnít it? When the client selects you as the author, they want to be sure that:
    - First of all, theyíre working directly with the author;
    - Secondly, theyíre paying for a unique article.
    If youíre reselling an article, the client is at greater risk of being accused of copyright infringement, so they need to be warned about it in advance.

  • Today the system has returned the order for revision claiming itís only 55% unique (the online version showed 94%). Is it a glitch or have you changed the procedure? What do I do?

    Starting November 16, 2015 all articles inside orders and offered in the article store and advanced training section (whether rewriting or copywriting) are checked for plagiarism using the method of rewriting detection. You need to check your articles using this method, too. You may have different results because youíve used a different method, such as plagiarism detection.

    A screenshot of the settings to be used in the downloaded version of Antiplagiarism:

    Too much identical content or a high concentration of identical text fragments at one address may be indicative of shallow rewriting. Discuss it with the client. Maybe, the client will be satisfied with such results. Otherwise, revise the order.

    Please pay attention to the uniqueness requirements before submitting your proposal to a rewriting order on law, medicine, etc. If youíre not sure you can achieve the required percentage of unique content, donít submit your proposal.

  • How to apply for orders? How can I search for orders?

    Go to your personal account, in the "Orders" widget, click the "Find Order" button, select a job that suits you according to deadlines, assignments requirements, apply, and wait for a response from the customer. When applying, make sure that you submit an application, and do not leave a comment on the order. You will receive a system message stating that the customer either selected you as the executor or rejected you. If he chose you as the author, you can get to work.

  • How to learn that a customer has chosen me to make the work?
    After applying for the order, you must wait until the customer determines the author. If your candidacy is approved, you will receive a system message with a notification, and the order will appear in the "Orders" widget in the "In progress" or "Under rework" sections.

    Do not begin to make the order before receiving the system notice!
  • Can I submit multiple proposals to different orders at once?

    Authors can submit as many proposals as they wish.

  • Iíve just undertaken an order and I havenít started working on it yet, yet the status shows as Under Revision. Is it a mistake?

    This means the client had previously worked with another author, but then refused to work with this author and reassigned the order to you. Itís okay. Donít worry about anything.

  • Iíve submitted a proposal to a multi-order. I wanted to submit several proposals but I canít submit more than one. Why?

    Your first proposal needs to be accepted by the client before you can submit a second one.

  • I was offered a personal order but I donít want to accept it. I donít like the terms. Will my refusal affect my rating?

    Press Decline the Offer. Your rating wonít be affected if you donít submit a proposal.

  • How can I accept the individual order issued for me?

    The individual order sent by the customer will appear in the same section in the "Orders" widget. The individual order must be submitted, as others orders. The order will go to the "In progress" section only after the customer accepts the application, or automatically if the customer has set the application to be automatically accepted when creating the order.

  • I have completed the order. How can I send it to the client?
    If the work is ready, in the "Orders" widget, go to the "In progress" / "Under rework" section. Find the proper order, click on the button "Download the work result" Ė> "Select file +". Select the file with the completed work on the computer or copy and paste the text into the "Result" field. Click "Download", and the text will be sent to the customer for verification. Supported formats: .doc, .docx, .ods, .odt, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .xml, .rar, .zip, .7z, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .pdf .pptx. The maximum file size is 10240 Kb.

    If there are no orders in "In Progress" and "Under rework" sections, it means you completed the task without waiting for the customer to accept your request for the order. Or you did not apply for the order but left a comment on the order instead of it.

    Attention!!! Sometimes the customer asks first to send the completed work to him in private messages promising to place the order further. In no case do not send the completed work until he places the order and accepts your application! Also, do not send the completed work by private messages if the order is overdue. Wait when the customer extends the deadline and the order will return to the "Under rework" section.
  • What do I do if I canít upload a file because its size is more than 10,000 Kb?

    If your file size is larger than the maximum allowed 10,000 Kb, upload it to a file hosting service and send the client a link to download it.

  • I canít send the file via private messages, what is the reason and what should I do?
    Update your browser to the latest version. Or try to go to the site through another browser, for example, Mozilla Firefox latest version.

    Also, you may be you are trying to send a file out of supported format by the system or the file size exceeds the permissible limit.
    Supported formats: .doc, .docx, .ods, .odt, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, .xml, .rar, .zip, .7z, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .pdf .pptx. The maximum file size is 10240 Kb.
  • Whatís the matter with you? I made an order but it was canceled by a moderator. I couldíve revised it! Besides, the client was supposed to tell me what exactly he didnít like about it!

    An order can be canceled by moderators following a request submitted to a moderator by the client, provided there are reasons for it (for more information, please see My Rights).

    The decision to return a file for revision is to be made by the client, while the authorís job is to deliver grammatically correct, unique work meeting the clientís requirements. The client can, YET is not obliged to list the mistakes made by the author when rejecting the work delivered.

    The client may request to cancel an order (including if the order has already been done) without returning the work to the author for revision if:

    - The client isnít satisfied with the style/quality/content, provided the work needs to be redone but not just revised to meet the requirements (revision of some text fragments/sentences isnít going to make the work meet the clientís requirements);
    - The author refuses to revise the work as reasonably requested by the client and which doesnít contradict the initial requirements, and inadequately responds to the clientís requests to revise the work according to these requirements, etc.
    - The author has delivered a synonymized/copy and paste/empty file/article which is off-topic;
    - The quality of the work delivered doesnít correspond to the authorís declared level of skill.

  • What if the work delivered has more or fewer characters than requested by the client?

    Itís up to the client whether to approve or reject the work. If the work delivered has fewer characters than requested by the client, the client may return the work to the author for revision and/or post a negative review about this author.

  • What are the formatting requirements (text parameters, file formats)?

    eTXT doesnít have any specific formatting requirements, so authors deliver their work according to the requirements specified by the client. If thereíre no such requirements, the author may deliver the work either in an MS Word (or .txt) format, or copy and paste the work into the appropriate textbox in the order. Alternatively, the author may ask the client about the preferred format in a private message.

  • The customer made the assignment to write a few texts, and each text must be sent in a separate file. I sent one file, how do I send the others?
    Unfortunately, the technical ability to attach multiple files is not available. Therefore, it is necessary to send a few files at the same time in archived form. You can also copy all texts into a single file.

    Supported file formats are .7z, .zip and .rar. The maximum archive size is 10 MB.
  • I want to withdraw my proposal to an order. Will it affect my rating?

    Withdrawing a proposal that hasnít been accepted by the client doesnít affect the authorís rating and statistics. We suggest that you withdraw your proposal if itís taking the client too long to select the author and you donít think you can deliver the work on time anymore. Youíll lose scores if you refuse to execute an order, provided the client has already accepted your proposal to this order, or if the client submits a request to the feedback team to remove you from the order and the order gets canceled.

  • How can the author add to his profile a new type of work to existing types of work? For example, in the authorís profile has been added the type of work ďRewritingĒ, but the author wants to add the other one ďCopywritingĒ.

    Click on your nickname in your account. Open the ďProfileĒ tab and at the bottom of the page, check the boxes next to the types of work you need, optionally set the lowest prices for your services. Also you can choose the types of texts (informational, sale, etc.) and topics you specialize in Click "Save."

  • I failed to deliver the work on time and now itís marked as ďexpiredĒ. What does it mean? Will it affect my rating? The clientís funds are held in my account. Will they be released back to him?

    If the work isnít delivered within the delivery term, it becomes ďexpiredĒ automatically. If thatís the case, the author canít do anything about it. You just need to wait for the clientís decision to either extend the deadline (and the order will return to you) or cancel the order (which will affect your rating and the funds will be released back to the client).
    We suggest that you send the client a private message and ask him to extend the deadline if youíve already completed the order. Donít deliver the work before the client extends the deadline to ensure that the client doesnít use your work without paying you.

  • I was selected as the author a few minutes before the deadline. Delivering the work on time is impossible. At the same time, authors have at least 2 hours to complete rush orders. Are you sure thereís no mistake here?

    ATTENTION! Time limits (2 days for regular orders and 2 hours for rush orders) arenít valid for orders with AUTOACCEPTANCE OF PROPOSALS. Such time limits are valid only when the client accepts proposals manually. It means that if the author submits a proposal to an order with autoacceptance of proposals, the author may be hired any time, up to 5 minutes before the deadline. Please consider this while submitting your proposals.

  • I collaborate with the same customer. But today he informed me that he could not send the individual order for the following reason: ďThe type of work or the price of the order (for 1000 characters) does not meet the author's criteria!Ē
    You have set the types of work and the minimum prices that you are ready to work in the profile (widget "Account" Ė> "Account Settings" Ė> "Profile" tab).
    Now the customer will not be able to place the individual order for you if the order price is less than you set in the profile settings or the specified type of work does not match in the profile.

    You can add the customer to the white list ó then this restriction will be canceled.