eTXT Promo Codes for Users

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  • Brief instruction how to activate the promotional code on eTXT
    1. You have to register and / or log in on eTXT.

    2. In the personal account in the "Finance" widget, click on the "Top up" link.

    3. In the lower part of the Topup balance page that opens, click on the link I have the promotional code.

    4. Enter or paste the copied promotional code into the appropriate field. Click the Repay button.

    5. The amount of the promotional code will be credited to your account. Using promo points you can pay for proofreading services, online text verification, raising ads, orders, or articles for sale for their advertising.

    For more information on activation and use of the promotional code, please visit the eTXT Promotional Codes page.
  • How to get an eTXT promo code?

    Promo codes are distributed through partner channels as well as eTXT newsletters, social media, etc.

  • Who can use a promo code?

    A promo code can be used only by an eTXT user registered more than 1 month ago.

  • I cant activate the promotional code, because I need to link the phone number to my account. How can I do it?
    In order to link your phone number to your account, you need to:

    1. Click on your login account (widget "Account"), go to the "Security" tab.
    2. Enter the phone number in the appropriate field and click the "Send SMS code" button.
    3. Follow the system instructions.
  • How to order proofreading services and pay with promo points?
    1. Go to your personal account -> Services -> Proofreading services -> + Add the assignment.
    2. When completing the assignment at the end of the form, check off the option Pay with promo points.
  • How to check an article for plagiarism online using promo points?

    Go to your Profile > Services > Online Check.
    Select Use Promo Points.

  • How to raise your ad using promotional points?
    1. Go to your personal account -> "Personalization" -> "My advertisements" -> "+ Add advertisement" -> "To moderation".
    2. After the moderator accepts the announcement, click the Raise announcement button. In the window that opens, select "Using promotional points", then click the "Raise the advertisement" button
  • How to raise the order for writing text using promotional points?

    After creating and placing the order on the card, click the "Raise Order" button. In the window that opens, select "Using promotional points", then click the "Raise Order" button.

  • How to raise the article for sale using promotional points?

    After successfully moderating the article for sale, click the Raise article button. In the window that opens, select "Using promotional points", then click the "Raise article" button.

  • When do the promo points expire after the activation of a promo code?

    eTXT promo points have no expiration date.

  • What can I pay for with eTXT promo points?

    You can pay for eTXT proofreading services, have your article checked for plagiarism online, as well as move your ads, orders, and articles to the top of the listings.