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  • What happened with checking, turn it as it was! The program emphasizes the terms! How will I change them? Emphasizes product names! But this is a recipe! Do I need to spoil the content side of the text for the sake of uniqueness? But the quality of the text will suffer, and I do not want to distort the facts! What should I do?

    There is no need to distort facts and spoil the content.

    Matches on common names, dates, terms, stable phrases, keywords, etc., which are necessary for the text to reveal the topic / are required by the assignment and which cannot be replaced with other words with the same meaning, are permissible. The customer should take this into account when drawing up the assignment and set adequate requirements for uniqueness. To the author ó more carefully learn the assignment and not accept it if the requirements are not feasible.

    Long nonunique, literally matching fragments, big fragments of superficial rewriting, etc. are unacceptable.

  • It doesnít make sense: the ingredients are highlighted when the article is checked for rewriting, but theyíre not when itís checked for plagiarism. Why?

    The method of copied content detection (w-shingling, with a shingle size of, for example, 3) means looking for similarity by 3 contiguous words, meaning not only should the words be the same, but so should their sequence.

    If your article has almost no matches of three-word shingles, the method of copied content detection will find nothing.

    As for the rewriting detection method, itís based not on shingles. This method takes into consideration the fact that the word order or word endings may be changed. This is how it detects instances of rewriting (the same article may be unique according to w-shingling).

  • Why my text was rejected due to its low uniqueness if it successfully passed the uniqueness?
    Earlier rewriting on the eTXT was checking only for copies, and not for the quality of source processing. The method of checking copies reduces uniqueness only when using verbatim coincidences, thus, the texts can be unique, but the words were simply rearranged in texts. We were regularly receiving complaints from clients / buyers about incorrect verification. Therefore, a method of checking for rewriting of all texts in the system was created. In principle, it doesnít matter when a rewriting check was created. Processing of source texts should be high-quality. The program or moderator rejects the text according to the new verification method when a surface rewriting is detected.

    You can use the downloaded version of the ďeTXT CheckerĒ by choosing the rewriting detection method in the program settings, or by online verification by choosing the same method.

    The third option is to see the result of the system checking for rewriting, to learn what should be fixed. If you sell rewriting, please do not forget to indicate the type of text correctly.
  • Can clients use third-party services to check their articles for plagiarism?

    Yes, they can. Any plagiarism and rewriting checker is just a tool, and the use of third-party software products is allowed. The results obtained must be correct. The results of any plagiarism and rewriting detection software need to be analyzed (see the highlighted text fragments and links, follow the links and see the articles they lead to and compare them with what you have Ė occasionally, plagiarism and rewriting checkers give false results).

  • I checked an article with the downloaded and online version of eTXT Antiplagiarism and the result was 96% of unique content. However, the system declined my article because, as it said, it had only 77% of unique content. I followed the link that it gave me in the Result tab (in the article, by clicking Antiplagiarism) Ė I found one link, and, yes, it leads to a similar article but itís not the same. What does it mean?

    Starting November 16, 2015, all articles inside orders and offered in the article store (whether rewriting or copywriting) are checked for plagiarism using the method of rewriting detection. You need to check your articles using this method, too.
    A screenshot of the settings to be used in the downloaded version of Antiplagiarism:

    Too much identical content or a high concentration of identical text fragments at one address may be indicative of shallow rewriting.

  • How to use eTXT Antiplagiarism?

    Download it, install it on your computer and start it. To check an article for plagiarism, copy and paste it into the Editor textbox and press Check for Plagiarism. In the log in the lower field, youíll see the percentage of copied content for each website the content has been taken from. Similar text fragments will be highlighted in color. To find out the percentage of similar content for a specific website, click Ö% of Similar Content Is Found in the log.
    To check another article for plagiarism, click Erase and then copy and paste the next article into the plagiarism checker.

  • When an article is checked for plagiarism, some text fragments are highlighted in different colors, such as yellow, dark blue, blue, light green, dark green, wine red, etc.? What does it mean?

    Each color means the source from where the content has been taken (next to the link to the corresponding website is a rectangle in the same color). The more sources are found, the more colors are used to highlight copied content. All colors but yellow are selected randomly. Yellow means that similar content has been found on multiple sources.

  • When I click Check for Plagiarism, it looks like nothingís happening but then I see the result that is ď100% of unique contentĒ.

    No, everythingís working. The program starts checking for plagiarism right after you click Check for Plagiarism. To view the report with detailed information on plagiarism checking, click Operations/Settings and then click on the Report tab at the top of the page.

  • How to compare two texts and check the rewritten article for plagiarism?
    You canít use eTXT Antiplagiarism to compare two texts. eTXT Antiplagiarism has been designed to match your text to identical texts appearing on other websites across the Internet. To compare two texts, use a special service.
  • What Ś“’“ Antiplagiarism settings should I change if my Internet connection is slow?

    The process of plagiarism detection is impacted by the following two parameters:
    Settings / Other / Timeout Period for Uploading One Page Ė the slower the Internet connection, the greater this parameter should be (ideally, there should be no messages in the log that the page couldnít be uploaded because the timeout period has expired)
    Settings / Other / Maximum Number of Simultaneous Uploads Ė the slower the Internet connection, the fewer uploads should be (as little as 1-3 uploads)
    Also, you can try to change the following settings:
    Settings / Other / Timeout Period for Uploading One Page Ė set it to 180
    Settings / Other / Minimum Time Interval Between Successive Requests Ė make it 2 seconds
    Settings / Download / Use an Alternative Download Method Ė check
    To view more detailed information about the process of plagiarism detection, check Settings / Report / Show Detailed Information in the Log (youíll see the total number of errors, downloaded pages, etc. in the last but one line of the report)

  • I canít install the Ś“’“ Antiplagiarism program. It hangs during the installation.
    Perhaps, you donít have .NET Framework 2.0 which canít be downloaded for some reason. Try to install it manually: 1) Update your Windows (preferably) 2) Download and install .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 - Note: if you have a 32-bit system, download NetFx20SP2_x86.exe; if you have a 64-bit system, download NetFx20SP2_x64.exe 3) Reinstall eTXT Antiplagiarism
  • When I start Antiplagiarism, it says ďProgram initialization error: Configuration system failed to initializeĒ or ďProgram initialization error: Values donít fall within the expected rangeĒ or ďProgram initialization error: Cannot convert System.Drawing.Size to System.DecimalĒ
    Please contact us with the following information: Your operating system name. You can see your operating system name under My Computer in the General tab (for example, Microsoft Windows XP Professional version 2002 Service Pack 3) Specify if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit system. Specify your .NET Framework version. (Click Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs Ė find everything that starts with ďMicrosoft .NET Framework ...Ē and write everything down or take a screenshot) Check if your Internet Explorer is working. Start it and open any web page. Make sure itís working (if itís not, this is where the problem is rooted. To fix it, your Internet Explorer needs to be reinstalled) Try to start the version without the installer - (before that, uninstall eTXT Antiplagiarism if itís installed) Ė unpack the downloaded file into a temporary folder and start EtxtAntiplagiat.exe
  • When a text is checked for plagiarism, 90% of the messages in the log are that an error occurred uploading some file and there are milliseconds in brackets. I followed your advice and reduced the number of uploads to 1 page. The timeout period for one page is 30 seconds. But I keep receiving error messages. I increased the upload time of one page but nothingís changed. What do I do?

    Some pages canít be uploaded for reasons that are beyond your control. These include a slow Internet connection speed, torrenting, overloaded servers from which the pages are being downloaded, etc. This happens rather often and to multiple users.

    As for the fact that 90% of the messages are error messages, the log doesnít show successful uploads by default. If you want, you can enable such logging. That way, the log will show all messages (Settings / Report / Show Detailed Information in the LogÖ)

  • The Ś“’“ Antiplagiarism program hangs

    To begin with, make sure youíve checked Settings / Download / Use an Alternative Download Method. Perhaps, it has to do with the search engine blocking the requests (especially if itís Yandex).
    Enable detailed logging Ė Settings / Report / Show Detailed Information about the Checking Process in the Log. Start checking for plagiarism. If there are multiple errors in the log ( / messages about blocking the requests) from a specific search engine, it needs to be disabled temporarily in the Settings.
    Also, you may increase the minimum time interval between successive requests (Settings / Other / Minimum Time Interval Between Successive Requests) to, letís say, 10 (the more the better but also the slower), to reduce the load on the search engines. Also, click Settings / Other / Maximum Number of Attempts to Make Requests to Search Engines and make it 3 (for the same reason).
    When you change search engines in the Settings, start checking for plagiarism by pressing Check for Plagiarism (a list of search engines is preset in a deep check).

  • I get the following error when checking uniqueness: captcha not resolved.

    Your IP has been banned by one of the search engines (probably Yandex, Rambler). If thatís the case, disable the search engine while checking for plagiarism. You need to wait and avoid using programs generating automatic requests to the search engine (including various SEO plugins for the browser) or, if possible, use a quality proxy server. To lower the risk of lockouts, increase the minimum time interval between successive requests (Settings / Other / Minimum Time Interval Between Successive Requests) to, letís say, 10-15 to reduce the load on the search engine.

  • What does ďa number of links per samplingĒ mean?

    In response to each request (containing a fragment of the text checked for plagiarism) of the program, search engines generate some links (10-15) sorted out by relevance. The parameter ďnumber of links per samplingĒ defines how many first links will be checked (downloaded and checked for similarities) by the program. The default value that is 3 can be increased to 5. For a more thorough check, increase the Number of Samplings value.

  • Hereís what Iíve been receiving lately: The page from your request couldnít be uploaded and, consequently, 100% of unique content. What should I do?

    Actually, Antiplagiarism isnít supposed to give such results. Perhaps, you have a slow Internet connection. Try to change the settings. The process of plagiarism detection is impacted by the following two parameters:
    Settings / Other / Timeout Period for Uploading One Page Ė the slower the Internet connection, the greater this parameter should be (ideally, there should be no messages in the log that the page couldnít be uploaded because the timeout period has expired)
    Settings / Other / Maximum Number of Simultaneous Uploads Ė the slower the Internet connection, the fewer uploads should be (as little as 1-3 uploads).

  • What does this log mean: An error occurred while uploading the page from request Ļ20-3 (961 millisec.):;base=LAW;n=50690 (The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable)?
    This error means that the server is currently unable to process the request (due to an overload or maintenance). This error may be gone when you check for plagiarism again. It shouldnít be permanent. In case of a repeated error, please contact our [url=]feedback team[/url]
  • Iím checking an article for plagiarism and the result is 98% of unique content. Iím posting this article for sale, but your automatic checker finds 92% of plagiarism. What settings should be used in Antiplagiarism while checking articles for sale to ensure that it detects all plagiarism?

    The effectiveness of the process of plagiarism detection depends on the speed and quality of your Internet connection at the time the article is checked for plagiarism the ability to access the server of the website that is being checked, settings, etc.
    We suggest the same settings as those used in our server version of Antiplagiarism which is used to check all texts for plagiarism (Settings / General):
    Sampling size in words - 10
    Number of samplings - 50 per 1,000 words (or 100 samplings for a more thorough check)
    Number of links per sampling - 3
    Number of words per shingle - 3
    These settings ensure a more thorough check than a deep search.

  • What does this log mean: The page from request Ļ37-2 couldnít be uploaded (30015 millisec., timeout period of 30,000 millisec. has expired):

    This error may occur if the page size is too big (for example, if itís 9Mb). To avoid such errors in the future, change the settings as indicated in the question on ďThe page from your request couldnít be uploaded and, consequently, 100% of unique contentĒ.

  • What does this error mean: An error occurred while uploading the page from request Ļ30-2 (594 millisec.): (The remote name could not be resolved: '')?

    The browser, too, gives an error message while trying to access this page.

  • Is it normal that the program keeps asking me to enter some captcha while checking my text for plagiarism?

    Yes, this ensures that the search engines donít ignore your requests and donít block the program. By entering captchas, you confirm that youíre a human, but not a bot or some computer program.

  • I couldnít check my article for plagiarism. Thatís what I got: The percentage of unique content hasnít been calculated. The percentage of pages that couldnít be uploaded is too high. What do I do?

    Change the settings (Operations -> Settings -> Other). You need to increase the timeout period for uploading each page and reduce the maximum number of simultaneous uploads.

  • I keep getting this error: An error occurred while loading this web page:
    Download .NET Framework 2.0 here and try to install it manually.
  • Why do I get different results when I check an article for plagiarism online and after posting it for sale? I got 100 and 98% of unique content respectively.

    A discrepancy of 3-5% is a statistical error that may be caused by many factors, meaning 97% and 100% are the same results.

  • The error is ďOut of memoryĒ. How can I fix it?

    This error occurs when you donít have enough memory on your computer. If you have large files to check, save the following settings in Antiplagiarism:
    1) Settings / Report / Maximum Number of Search Operations Ė 1
    2) Settings / Download / Memory Saving Ė check

  • An error in the log: This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms (perhaps, MD5 hasnít been implemented).

    Set the fipsalgorithmpolicy registry subkey to zero: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa
    This removes the ban of the Windows security policy to use a number of cryptographic algorithms which arenít FIPS compliant (when two texts are compared, the program computes the md5-hash of the shingles, md5 isnít FIPS-compatible).

  • The Ś“’“ Antiplagiarism program isnít working but my question hasnít been covered in the Questions & Answers section. What do I do?
    Uninstall Ś“’“ Antiplagiarism program and then reinstall it. Check your computer for viruses. If itís still not working, please contact our support team.
  • It says I can carry out 30 checks a day for free. However, when I carry out one check, I have 3 or 4 free checks deducted. Today I had 29 checks. I wrote 4 articles but have only 20 checks left. Why?

    The number of free online checks varies depending on the load on the servers, as well as the number of users currently using the program and the userís rating.

  • I canít check my text for plagiarism online. I can only check it for money. What do I do to be able to check my articles online for free?

    Free online checks are available only to users whose rating is 20 or more scores.

  • How does Antiplagiarism check articles for plagiarism? Can I use it to check an article for rewriting as well?

    Our system version of Antiplagiarism checks articles for both plagiarism and rewriting, and so does the downloaded version. If you want to check an article for plagiarism (content copied word-for-word), select Copied Content Detection Method. If you want to check an article for rewriting (semantic resemblance), select the Rewriting Detection Method. Both options are also available under the Online Check section.