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  • Can I post my referral link right here at eTXT?

    No, you can post your referral link anywhere but eTXT.

  • What does Referral and Referrer mean?

    The referral is a person who registered on eTXT within 7 days after clicking a referral link.
    The referrer is the person who posted the link and brought the referral to this content and article-writing service.

  • Whats a commission fee?

    When the Referral executes/accepts an order or sells an article, the Referrer is paid 25% of the fee for the order/article done/accepted/sold by the referral. This is what a commission fee is.

    25% is part of the fee charged by Thus, gets not 100% but 75% of the fee (25% is paid to the Referrer).

  • I have two accounts: one author and one client account. Which referral link should I use?

    You can use any link. Referrals will be added to the account based on which link you use.

  • A user has registered through my link but I havent received a notification. Please tell me about the Referral Program requirements for a user to register successfully.

    Below are the requirements for a user to register successfully:

    Cookies should be enabled and arent blocked in your browser.
    Cookies are small pieces of text. Normally, cookies are accepted and saved by default, but sometimes a manual setup is needed.

    How to enable cookies in, for example, Google Chrome:
    1. Open the menu, click Customize and Control Google Chrome.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. At the bottom of the page, click Show Additional Settings.
    4. Under Personal Data, click Content Settings.
    5. To enable cookie saving, select Allow Local Data to Be Set (recommended).
    6. Click Ready to save the settings.

    The referral link should be clicked from any website but eTXT.

    The referral link shouldnt be clicked from your PC. If your computer and the computer used by the referral have the same IP address, fraud prevention mechanisms may be enabled and the user wont be added to your list of referrals.

    The user needs to register within 7 days after clicking the link (if the user hasnt clicked this link before).

  • What does "My Button" mean and where should I place it?

    "My Button" is an image that you can post on your website. The button code contains a referral link. After pressing this button, users find themselves at the homepage of eTXT. If they register, theyre included in the list of your referrals automatically.

  • Im not working here either as an Author or as a Client. Im just participating in the Referral Program. I hope its okay and Im not breaking any rules.

    Dont worry. Youre not breaking any rules.

  • Can I post a referral link on social media?

    You may post referral links on social media, in groups and chats, unless its prohibited by the administration of the websites/social networking services. Moreover, you can create groups in social networking services and post your referral link there. The more users sign up, the more clicks you attract.

  • Will you be paying me for my referrals forever or will you stop paying after a while?

    The reward will be permanent if you attract at least one new referral every three months.
    An active referral is a referral who has committed at least one action on e, and as a result, you have charged a commission.
    The commission for the users (authors and customers), attracted to eTXT is charged when users make financial transactions:

    • we make / accept any orders;
    • sell articles / photos on eTXT.

    Your income directly depends on how actively the attracted users are working on eTXT.

  • I know people who want to register but they dont know how they can specify that theyre my referrals.

    Send them a referral link. Go to the menu in your Profile (Personalization section Referral Program). Users will become your referrals automatically after they click on this link and register on eTXT.
    This is all users should do to become your referrals.

  • What's the way your Referral Program works?

    Any eTXT user has his own referral link in his personal account.
    The partner's aim is to offer this link to other people so that they can click on it to register on eTXT and start working there, thus enabling the partner to get a reward from any deal (the orders accepted and paid for) they make there, the amount of this reward being 25% of the eTXT commission fees.

  • How can I get people motivated?
    It's not enough just to post your referral link somewhere to attract new users: it would be much better to provide those seeing the link with some information about the project you invite them to join and the benefits it can offer. If you are ordering your content on eTXT you can write a bit about this site being useful and handy for you. Try using different titles and topics and pictures or videos to express yourself. If you own a website and are willing to use a banner, here are ready promotion materials for you.
  • Is there any way to find out how many new users did click my referral link to register and make deals there?
    That's where you can find the data both about the new registrations and the deals of the new users
  • Where do I post my referral link to attract new users?

    Basically anywhere - any website would do, though those more frequently visited are the ones you'll get better luck on, especially if there are website owners, online business owners, webmasters, content managers, writers, photographers, editors among its target audience. You can use not just specialized sites of forums but social media as well.
    But even a fine website still can't guarantee new users' registration - to make it work you'll have to have your audience motivated.

  • Any way to find out how much I've already earned?

    The information of your rewards will be provided in your personal account after your referrals will have their first deals made. You can set a certain period of time and see the total sum of reward you have earned during it.

  • How can I withdraw money?

    You can withdraw the money you've earned on the e-wallets you added to your account in the Account Settings menu.
    You will have this money transferred to a said wallet on the sixth banking day from the day the withdrawal order was made exclusive of holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

  • How to participate in the eTXT Referral Program?
    1. Register, activate your account and authorize at eTXT. 2. In the menu in your Profile (left menu column) open the Personalization section Referral Program. 3. Copy the referral link (it looks like this:, or like this: or the banner code. 4. Post the link on your website, online blog, social media account and/or send it to your friends and other users.
  • The referral program participation terms
    Users follow the link and register on our website. A new user fulfills / accepts an order or sells / buys an article and the partner receives income.

    Registration of a referral is possible within 7 days after clicking on a referral link. If the user is registered later than 7 days after the transition, the system will not attach it to the partners profile, and the partner will not be able to receive income from the commission of this user.

    Registration of referrals from the same IP address is prohibited. Users with an IP address identical to the referrer will also not be taken into account: this means that you should not register referrals by yourself.