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  • How does the rating scale change?
    For the sake of simplicity, every user's rating is displayed as a calibrated scale

    - no rating
    1 - 99 rating points
    100 - 999 rating points
    1000 - 4999 rating points
    5000 - 24999 rating points
    25000 - 49999 rating points
    50000 - 99999 rating points
    100000 or more (infinitely) rating points
  • Recently I have registered on your site. What should I do to get started?

    There are a few options for starting work on the eTXT. First, you can make a test assignment according to the chosen type of work and receive a qualification. It can increase your chances that customers will choose you as the executor.

    You can also apply for the orders you are interested in and work with these orders if you are selected as the Author (widget "Orders"); place ready-made articles for sale — widget "Articles". We draw your attention that uploading articles for sale is possible only with a rating of at least 10 points and / or with an amount of at least $10 on the balance — these are restrictions for users who do not have a rating yet.

    You can also give an ad offering your services, this option is available in the "Personalization" –> "My Announcements" section. Paid service — $10.

    Good luck on eTXT!

  • I registered on the site, and received the mail: "The message was received to the mail with an activation link." No message was received. I tried to register again, they wrote to me that this mail address was banned.
    The matter is that your account has not yet been activated. To activate it, you should follow the link from the mail that was sent to the specified email address. The link is active for 3 days from the date of registration. If the account has not been activated during this time, it will be deleted automatically. If you didn't receive the email, check the Spam folder. If the mail is not found, write to the Feedback.
  • How to link the phone number to my account and why do I need it?

    By linking your eTXT account to a mobile phone number you will avoid access to a third-party account (as a result of breaking mail, for example), and ensure the security of your account data.

    To associate an account with a phone number, click on your nickname in your account, go to the "Security" tab and enter the mobile phone number in the field. After that, click the "Send SMS code" button. Wait for the message with the code and enter it for confirmation in the field that will open. After the phone number is tied to your account, you can enable authorization via SMS.

    The speed of receiving SMS with the code for linking the number to your account depends on the work of your mobile operator. Sometimes the code comes almost instantly, sometimes you need to wait.

  • I can’t log in. I enter my username and password, but the system redirects me to the homepage and I see a textbox to enter the username and password again (top right corner). When I try to log in, the system isn’t responding and the page is reloaded. What’s going on and how can I fix this?

    Perhaps, you need to update your browser to the latest version. If it doesn’t help, change your browser settings to accept cookies or try to clear your browser’s cash (in your browser settings) or try to log in using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

  • I accidentally registered as a client, but I want to be an author. What should I do?

    You can’t change your status from client to author. You need to register again as an author. Your previous account can be deleted following an appropriate request submitted to a moderator.

  • How to change the login?

    It is impossible to change the login in the system. You can only change the name and surname by clicking on the "Account Settings" button in the "Account" widget in your account and enter the necessary data on the "Profile" tab.

  • In the "User Rating" section, I found the Top 100 Recommended Authors eTXT. How can I get on this list, what are the conditions?
    Conditions for the selection th authors to the list of "Top 100 Recommended Authors":
    • The author is in the white list of at least 25 customers.
    • The author has a minimum 30 positive reviews.
    • The proportion of negative reviews to positive cannot be more than 5%.
    • The author has been actively (more than 10 works completed during the last month) working at the eTXT during the last month.
    • The portfolio has at least 3 works.
    • The author has at least 2 stars in any type of work: copywriting, rewriting, SEO-copywriting.
    • The author's rating is more than 1000.
    • Literacy test results are taken into account as well.
  • Can I register as a client and an author at the same time?

    During registration, the user is offered to choose their status, client or author. If you want to be both, you need to register twice using two different usernames (you can use the same e-mail address though).

  • How to delete an account?

    An account can be deleted only if there hasn’t been any activity in it. If there has been any activity in your account, it can’t be deleted from eTXT. You can only disable it. To delete/disable an account, submit an appropriate request to a moderator. After an account is deleted/disabled, a notification letter is sent to the user’s email address.

  • How can I change the password?
    You can change the password in the security settings: in the main widget "Account" click on the "Account Settings" button or click on your nickname, and then go to the "Security" tab. Enter the new password in the appropriate fields.

    Password must comply with the rules:
    — consist of at least 8 characters;
    — do not contain at the beginning and at the end more than 1 digit;
    — do not be a frequent word like qwerty, etc.
  • My account has been disabled. Why? And what should I do now? I have some money left in my account.

    An account may be disabled for breaking the rules of eTXT (you’ve shared your personal contact information, such as email address, ICQ number, etc., or posted an article for sale that you had taken from the Internet which is strictly prohibited). If that’s the case, please contact our feedback team. We will either enable your account to disable it again if you break one of the rules again (perhaps, you’ll also lose some scores) or leave your account disabled.

    Your account may be disabled immediately if you place orders and post articles contradicting the Agreement, as well as if you place orders and buy articles from yourself in order to improve your rating. If the account is disabled permanently, the funds left in your account are withdrawn to your purse after an appropriate request submitted to a moderator.

  • I can’t open system messages. The loading icon is spinning but nothing happens. What do I do?

    Upload your browser to the latest version. If it doesn’t help, log in using another browser.

  • How to create the portfolio?

    1. In the "Qualification" widget, go to the "Portfolio" section. On the page that opens, click on the link “+ Add work to portfolio” and paste the text into a special window. If the article is already published on the Internet, specify the page address in the "Link to the article" field, and adding the text is optional.

    2. If the article is written for sale, you can place it in the portfolio ONLY AFTER the sale and only with the consent of the buyer. Contact him through a private chat, find out the link address where the material is published.

    3. In the “Brief description of the article’s content” field, briefly describe the content of the article: what it was about, it's purpose or the initial assignment, the target audience.
    After filling the form, click the "Add to Portfolio" button.

    In addition, you can add to the portfolio texts of completed test works proposed by eTXT. To do this, when sending the work for verification, check the option “For portfolio”.
    It is strictly forbidden to add links to the portfolio to competing resources (other content and freelance platforms) to the portfolio. eTXT Administration will consider such kinds of links as an advertisement of competing resources. These links will be removed from the portfolio, and penalties may be applied to the authors up to blocking the account.

    It is also FORBIDDEN to upload for sale or submit the order if the article has already been added to the portfolio or for some time ago was in the portfolio and has been removed from there.

  • I’ve completed 2-3 orders already. Can I post them in my Portfolio?

    You can after you obtain the client’s permission.

  • How to remove work from a portfolio?

    Open your profile, go to the "Portfolio" tab. Find the card of the article and to delete it, click on the Cart icon in the upper right corner.

  • Who calculates users’ rating and how?

    Rating is credited and deducted AUTOMATICALLY when the client accepts/rejects the order, buys an article/cancels the order, or when an article is sold by the Administration according to the client’s/buyer’s request.
    Both the client and the author will be credited 10% of the price of the order rounded off to 10. If the author refuses to do the order or the client cancels an expired order, points will be deducted from the author’s rating – the price of the order rounded off to 10. Points are deducted AUTOMATICALLY without the participation of administrators, moderators or clients. If the buyer refuses to buy an article, the author’s rating will return to the initial values. Ratings aren’t impacted by other subjective data.

  • How can I edit my profile?

    In the “Account” widget, click on your nickname or click on the “Account Settings” button — the page for editing your profile will open, where you can change your name, password, additional information, set notification preferences, upload an avatar, etc.

  • How to upload the avatar?

    In the "Account" widget, click on your nickname or click on the "Account Settings" button. After that, in the "Profile" tab, find the "Profile photo" sub-item and click on the "Edit" link.

  • How to contact the other user?

    The easiest way to contact a user is to click on the nickname in any section and select the "Write a message" item in the drop-down menu, after that a dialogue page with this user will be opened. If you need to find a user by nickname, go to the "Messages" section by clicking on the envelope icon in the header of the site and in the new window click on the “All Messages” link. On the right side of the page, click on the “Add the User” icon and enter the nickname of the person you want to contact. After that, the user will be added to the list of your contacts — click on the nickname in the list to open a dialog. Only you and your interlocutor have an access to private messages, and not visible to other users.

  • How the author can restore his reduced rating?
    If the rating was downgraded not due to the client's fault, the decision to restore the rating is taken by the client. To turn back the lost points, the author should write the client, then send a piece of correspondence confirming the consent to the Feedback.

    The client can restore his rating by himself: for this, it is necessary to go to the “My Orders” section from the left menu and click on the “Cancel Orders” link located under the order search block.

    The author's rating can be restored without the client's consent, if the order was not executed due to a reason related to the client's actions (due to a change in the initial requirements of the assignment, ignoring the author’s messages in private, etc.).
  • Why can’t I send a private message to a user?

    - Your rating is less than 10 scores;
    - The user has blacklisted you.

  • Why did you delete my review that I posted about a user?

    A review may be deleted if a request has been submitted to a moderator. The reasons for deleting a review include:

    1. Inaccurate/incorrect information;

    2. Lack of corroborating evidence or unprovable statements, hearsay, forecasts, value judgments;

    3. Insults, foul and inappropriate language, etc.;

    4. A private message should have been used (the review contains a request or is a squabble between the two parties);

    5. The review contains fragments of personal correspondence without the reviewee’s consent;

    6. Failure to present some facts which may cause the Administration and other users to misinterpret the situation;

    7. Information contained in the review isn’t related to eTXT (promotion of the reviewer’s services, etc.) or is irrelevant (for example, the task was to give likes on social media. A positive review about the author may give eTXT clients the wrong impression, so it’ll be deleted);

    8. The complaints are, given the circumstances, incorrect. For example:

    - The author submits a poorly written article complaining that the client’s demands are too high;

    - The client complains that the article doesn’t meet his or her requirements, while the requirements haven’t been defined clearly;

    - The review about the client posted by the author contains multiple grammatical, stylistic or other errors (a poorly written review may indicate the copywriter’s incompetence).

    9. The situation described in the review took place outside of eTXT (for example, the review is about the use of inappropriate language while corresponding on a third-party website, etc.).

    Note: if two or more reviews posted by the same user within a week are deleted, the option of posting reviews becomes unavailable to this user for one month automatically.

  • My Statistics say I’ve been whitelisted by 80 users and blacklisted by 5 users. What are these black and white lists and what do they mean?

    White and Black Lists have been created to provide greater convenience to users. You can whitelist a user if you’ve been satisfied with the work. After a while, you’ll be able to place orders so only the authors from your white list could see them and submit their proposals to them, or you’ll be able to create personal orders for the authors from your white list. Authors from your white list who are currently online will be highlighted in color for better convenience while finding the author.

    A black list is a kind of filter to avoid working with the users who you don’t want to work with. Authors from your black list can’t submit their proposals to your orders. It won’t be shown in your Statistics that you’ve been blacklisted by a client whose account has been disabled.
    Attention! You can blacklist any user even if you’ve never worked with or even talked to this user. Therefore, being blacklisted isn’t necessarily indicative of the author’s incompetence, inability to deliver a quality work, multiple errors, disrespect for other users, refusal to execute an order, negative comments, etc.

    The Administration of the website is going to further improve the functionality of black and white lists.

  • How can I get my e-wallet unlocked?

    If your account is blocked, the access to the e-wallet added to this account is blocked automatically as well (and this e-wallet cannot be added to another account). This rule is also actually in case of blocking the account of another user who also added your e-wallet number to his or her account. Please, note: don’t share your personal data (phone number, e-wallet number, and other data users can be identified on eTXT with) with a person – you are responsible for the possible consequences.

    If eTXT administration puts the block on your account, new registration is prohibited.

  • User Rules for Posting Reviews
    1. It is forbidden to write positive or negative feedback to an author or a client if you haven’t work with him.
    2. The author is prohibited to write feedback to the other author, and the client is prohibited to evaluate the other client’s work. The only exception is when one author buys an article from another author.
    3. It is forbidden to write reviews that are not related to the characteristics of the professional qualities of the client and the literary abilities of the author. Reviews that do not have any meaning or are not related to work on the eTXT will be regarded as spam and deleted by the moderator. For example, “Thank you”, “Accepted”, “+”, “-”, “Leave a review”, etc., texts of entertaining and humorous nature, hidden advertising of any resources.
    4. It is forbidden to use obscene language, insulting the honor and dignity of the project participants.
    5. Keep in mind that a review is well-deserved gratitude from the client or the author! You should not write feedback after every completed work. It is better to write one detailed review, which will allow your colleagues to form an opinion about the user you characterize from a professional point of view.

    If you do not agree with the feedback you have left, you can appeal it in the Feedback.

  • Announcements policies
    How can I place an announcement
    To place an announcement press "Add the announcement". When fields are filled in press "Send to moderation", the button for your announcement to be checked and admitted for publication. Moderation time is up to 12 hours. After your announcement is accepted by a moderator, the option "Update the announcement", will be available. If you press the correspondent button your announcement will be published on the website at the top position. It will be on the top until another user updates his/her announcement and it will displace your announcement to a lower position.

    Announcements placing rules
    1. The subject of the announcement can be: your services' ads, relating articles writing or articles selling, articles advertisement, orders, customer/author search.
    2. The text of your announcement should not contain mistakes, it especially concerns authors' announcements. Please keep in mind that mistakes inside ad announcements can turn into negative publicity for you.
    3. Adding a link to the "Link" field is optional. If it is not added, the announcement will be automatically linked to the user's profile

    Examples of links, which can be added: (the link to profile) (link to a certain article)

    It is forbidden in announcements:
    1. To write the entire headline IN CAPITAL LETTERS (except for highlighting important notional fragments - 1-2 words)
    2. To publish advertisements out of eTXT website (third-party sites ads, links to a third-party site (link must begin like
    3. To use crude language
    4. To attract referrals (invitation to registration on eTXT using your referral link)
    5. To use all types of animated images
  • eTXT chat room
    The offense of rules in the eTXT's chat room
    1. Indecent user name.
    2. Transfer of personal contact data (mail, ICQ, etc.).
    3. All types of advertising - both subliminal and explicit (ad of websites, goods, services, etc.) - or spam.
    4. Abusive behavior and disrespectful attitude to users or generally on eTXT, the chat (swear words, unprintable words, ribaldry, obscene messages (dirty jokes, obscene stories, discussion of intimate life, etc.), obscene images, rudeness, getting personal, insults).
    5. Message reiteration (flood).
    6. Constant writing in CAPITAL LETTERS or Partial Abuse of Upper Case and CaSe JuMpS! Writing individual words in capital letters to highlight a specific word or thought is not considered to be abuse.
    7. Mention of eTXT's business competitors.
    8. Provocation of users for rule-breaking of the chat or eTXT.
    9. Return to the user chat with a blocked account using a new account.

    Means of order maintaining in the eTXT's chat room
    Issue of a warning to user or user's account blocking (given that a warning has been issued before) are means of order maintaining in the eTXT's chat room. The following users have a right to block another user: administrator, a moderator or any user with a rating above 1000 points (provided that the user has no warnings from the administration).
    Please report all cases of insulting to the administration by sending a message quoting.

    The appeal against unfair moderators' actions in the eTXT's chat room
    Any user has a right to appeal the actions of the administrator or moderator. It is possible to appeal to any actions that, in the user's opinion, are illegal or do not comply with these rules.
    Applications/complaints are sent to the chief administrator of eTXT ( The letter must contain the following data: user name, password, screenshot (PrintScreen key) of the page containing break of rules by a moderator. This is a mandatory condition for complaint application! In case if there is no screenshot, which is by definition your main proof, the complaint will not be considered.
    In case the user will prove that illegal actions have been applied to him, eTXT's chief administrator or moderator will restore his right to chat using.
  • SMS notifications cost
    The price is for reference only and may change at any time. In some cases, a single notification may consist of a few SMS parts, in this case, each part being charged. View rates
  • User statuses
    You cannot simultaneously register under the same name as a client and as an author.
    Also, you cannot change the status of "client" to the status "author" after registration.
  • Recommendations for filling the Feedback form
    When filling out the form, try to describe the situation as accurately as possible.

    If you apply to the topic “Work with an order”, provide the order name and the login of the author / client (or the order address if there are several orders with the same name). Do not send the text of the completed work. The moderator has access to see the results of the work sent for order verification, including previous versions of improvements, as well as the client’s comments written when sending the order for revision. If the question is related to the order interface and you cannot find any option, send a screenshot.

    In case of a conflict with another user, quote the full text of the correspondence with the user from the private messages, the name of the joint order that caused the conflict, and other necessary data to present a complete picture of the events. In case of refusal from the purchased article, please provide the reason for the refusal: the address of the web page where the original article was found or matching fragments from the text, quotations of the text containing errors, or describe the reason for refusing the article.

    In the application on contesting the response, send the name of the order where you have received a negative review, the full text of the correspondence with the client from the private messages.

    Applications for rating restoration are accepted only by clients. To restore the author’s rating, specify his/her login.

    If you are a client and want to refuse the services of the author who orders for you, provide the reason for the refusal, back it up with quotes from the text or provide exactly requirements specified in the order description, the author did not fulfill. If the text has low uniqueness, send the address of the page where matches are found, and the percentage of matches.

    If the moderator asks leading questions in the application, write the reply in the same application - do not create a new one.