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You want to connect with others across the world, but there is one problem; you dont speak their language. eTXT helps you solve that problem through its translation service. There are many benefits to hiring a translate writer through eTXT that you wont want to miss out on.

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Sometimes electronic translators just dont do the trick. When that happens, you need an international translation service that can provide premium translate writers to do the job. Using a translation service will allow you to reach a variety of demographics that can help your business grow substantially. Youll find that the eTXT system is easy to use and that youll receive high-quality work from our writers. Using our system allows you to publish your order, choose the right translate writer for the job, and then accept or reject the content provided. Another benefit to using our system is that you only pay the translate writer once you accept the order. Once you accept, the funds are easily transferred between the two accounts.

We Help You Choose the Right Translate Writer

Our translation service makes it simple for you to pick a translate writer that fits your requirements, are in your budget, and can handle the workload you assign to them. You can search through our database and find a writer that can translate any language you may need. The languages can be anything from English to Japanese. Every translate writer has to go through the approval process before they can write for you on our website. That way you know youre getting top-of-the-line talent when you use our text translation service.

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Using a translation service like eTXT is the right choice for any business. You dont have to worry about your message being unclear and can communicate with an actual person if the text needs corrections. If electronic translators have you frustrated, try a translate writer on our website. You wont find a better content translation service that gives you access to quality writers at a great price.

Translation Rates

Rates for translation on eTXT depend on your budget for the project and the quality of translation required. The price is set for the whole translation per 1000 characters. You can post a job and applicants will apply. Or, you can invite specific translators to your job posting.

The translator's qualifications are determined by a test with a score of 1 to 3. If the translator does not confirm his skill level, his rates will be $1-5 per 1000 characters.

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A translators skill level is assessed by a test assignment which is checked by professional linguists. Higher skills levels will result in more polished content and less likely to have errors.

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Select the language of your original text. Select the language you want to translate your text to.

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Set a minimum and maximum price for what you are willing to pay per 1000 characters.

Every copywriter's profile contains a detailed statistics of done works: a topic, average cost, number of orders, portfolio, etc.

When choosing a copywriter you can evaluate his profile or hire someone from the top list.

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Here on eTXT, you can find translators specialized in many different languages who are capable of translating a variety of content: instructions, articles, research papers, official documents, and much more!
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