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Shingle method checking
searches for literal matches.

Frequency checking method
searches for fragments of rewriting made by word transposition and/or word form changes (e.g. number, case, tense, person, mood, etc.). All the sent articles and texts in eTXT orders are checked with this method.

Plagiarism Detection Products from eTXT
Download the Antiplagiarism Program
The Antiplagiarism program on eTXT is a powerful text uniqueness detection tool.
Using Antiplagiarism you can:
  • Find and mark non-unique text fragments;
  • Create detailed reports and set different search parameters: text selections number, number of words in a shingle, etc;
  • Check for uniqueness on website pages;
  • Get a free trial period for 1 day.
Unlimited use on your desktop for $25!
This is a one-time fee and has no time restrictions. Just download our Antiplagiarism program and install it on your computer.
Online Uniqueness Checking
The online plagiarism detection tool from eTXT is a convenient service to verify the uniqueness of your text.
The online version of Antiplagiarism will help you:
  • Check text for uniqueness apart from external factors;
  • Eliminates the problem of verifying security captchas;
  • Save your results on our server for future reference.
Online payment: check - $0.50 for 1000 characters.

Maximum number of characters per check is 20000.

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Antiplagiarism API Server
If you need to check large amounts of text, we can provide a separate server to perform and store your Antiplagiarism checks.
Details and terms:
  • Services are carried out through an API interface;
  • Your tasks will be prioritized regardless of when they are received;
  • The monthly server fee is - $60 per month;
  • The approximate capacity is 1 million characters per 24 hours.
For all questions, please contact us.
How the eTXT Plagiarism Checker Works:
  • The eTXT Antiplagiarism tool compares your text with publicly available materials on the Internet, using search engines such as Google and Yandex, etc.
  • While the program accesses the search engines, you will constantly be asked to enter a captcha for security purposes. If you plan to check big amounts of text, you will need to consider using an anticaptcha service.
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Useful information

Texts uniqueness is one of the clients' key requirements. That's why good uniqueness checking programme should always be at hand. It'll help to get rid of non-unique materials on the Internet. Besides, the programme allows to make detailed analysis of text uniqueness and define originality of the text in percentage terms..

We have analyzed advantages and disadvantages of some chek uniqueness services and then created our own programme.

Dear users, we offer you to use our uniqueness checking service while working on your texts - our plagiarism detection software - creating our plagiarism checker we take into consideration the peculiarities of copywriter's work.

You can do it in two ways: download programme or use our Online service.

Useful information
  • Duplicates search is done according to shingles algorithm. Shingle is a phrase that consists of words sequence. The programme divides all text under checking into such phrases and then compares these phrases with the selections found on the Internet.
  • Rewriting detection method is more smart. It doesn't allow simple transposition of words and takes word forms into consideration. If you need the text that is unique in every sense, this method is for you.
  • During shingles method checking sequences of phrases are compared. You can use this method to check simple rewriting: to achieve 100% result, simple transposition of words is enough.
  • User can set number of selections. Selection is a small fragment of text for checking, that will be sent as a request to the seacrh engine. The more the number of selections is, the more comparisons with the Internet pages the programme makes, and the more qualitative result of checking you'll have.
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