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  • What are Order requirements?

    It is an order task you are to complete. It can contain order instructions, requirements to word count, keywords (words and phrases you are to use in the text), text structure, formatting and style (titles, subtitles, lists, etc.), uniqueness checking result, etc.

  • What is the estimated value of rewriting, copywriting and translation on eTXT?

    The prices for orders and articles one eTXT are set by clients and authors, however, the minimum cost of one work is $1 per 1000 characters.

    The minimum recommended prices for 1000 characters for the "Master degree" qualification level for different types of work are:
    copywriting: $10;
    rewriting: $9;
    SEO-copywriting: $10;
    translation: $10.

    The final price depends on the complexity of the order, implementation date, amount of work, etc.

  • How does the rating scale change?
    For the sake of simplicity, every user's rating is displayed as a calibrated scale

    - no rating
    1 - 99 rating points
    100 - 999 rating points
    1000 - 4999 rating points
    5000 - 24999 rating points
    25000 - 49999 rating points
    50000 - 99999 rating points
    100000 or more (infinitely) rating points
  • Submitting articles for sale: rules
    1. After adding the article text and filling in all the fields, click on one of the buttons: Upload for sale or To drafts. If you click on "Upload for sale" the article will be sent for pre-sale moderation, the "In drafts" button is intended to save the text without publication (it will be available only for the seller and will not be moderated).
    2. To edit the article text which has already placed for sale (or for the information in the other fields: when changing the title, description, etc.), go to the "For Sale" section in the "Articles" widget and click on the "Edit" icon in the pencil form in the right part of the article card. After changing the text, click the "Upload for sale" button, after that the article will be sent for pre-sale moderation.
    3. To delete the article, click on the Cart icon on the right side of the article card.
    4. To remove the article from sale for a time, you need to go to the "For Sale" section in the "Articles" widget, go to article editing and click the "In drafts" button.
    5. When adding an article, the number of characters is calculated automatically. When counting, spaces are not taken into account.
    6. The article moderation has 2 steps: 1 step automatic checking for uniqueness by the eTXT service program, 2 step checking by the moderator.
    7. The article is moderated within 7 days. In some cases, the terms of moderation could be increased.
    8. After the article is moderated, the seller receives a system message with notification that the article is accepted for sale or its rejection, indicating the reasons for rejection. If the moderator does not indicate the reasons for the rejection, the seller will receive a standard system message with the text: The moderator rejected the article without giving reasons. Possible reasons for rejection: incorrect filling the fields, CAPITAL letters in the title, poor quality or low uniqueness of the text."
    9. If the moderator rejects the article, it falls into the Drafts section and it is completely deleted from the system after 5 days. If you want the article not to be deleted, it is necessary to edit and save the text within a 5-days.
    Requirements for the articles displayed for sale and fields completion:
    1. High originality (Originality of an article is not defined exclusively by the index numbers (i.e. the program can show even 80%, and the matches will be by the short generally used phrases or on different websites). Moderator analyses match in each case. At that, the length of matching a phrase, the density of matching, and the percentage of matching within one and the same address are taken into account. Matches of short commonly used phrases are acceptable. The percentage of matchings within one address must not exceed 3-5%. Articles with the originality lower than 80% are rejected automatically regardless of the nature of the found matches.
    2. Correctness.
    3. Compliance with the contents with the headline and subject of the article.
    4. Correct spacing. Excessive spaces between words are unacceptable (there must be only one space), as well as spaces before the beginning of the first sentence in a paragraph, before a semicolon, before and after a hyphen. The usage of a space is mandatory after a semicolon, before and after a dash, before opening, and after closing brackets.
    5. There must be no words in the title or in the text that are entirely written IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Important notions are to be highlighted by using italics, underlining, or bold type.
    6. Exhaustive information about the article: target audience, target sites, narrative point of view, the genre of the text, language style, quotations in the article (non-unique fragments), images, list of references, article type (advertisement, description, etc.).
    7. Presence of the list of references or other sources used in the process of writing a certain article.
    8. Keywords must be separated by commas and spaces.
    It is forbidden for user:
    1. To use both Latin and Cyrillic alphabet when writing a word.
    2. To duplicate parts of the text.
    3. To add to their text promotional information about a certain website/company, contact data.
    4. To display for sale a copy of an article already published on the Internet (even if the original text belongs to the seller himself and is being published on his personal blog).
    5. To display for sale an article that is highly similar to another article already displayed for sale or sold.
    6. To display for sale paper scans.
    eTXT administration reserves the right:
    1. To recheck at any moment the article for originality, mistakes, satisfactory document form, compliance of the contents with the name of the article, etc., and to reject it if some requirement is not fulfilled.
    2. To write a negative review to the user if some of the restrictive rules of article displaying for sale are violated.
    3. To issue a warning to the seller if some of the requirements to the articles or to the field completion are not met or if any of the restrictive rules are violated.
    4. To block a user's account for the further violation of rules if the user has already got a warning for the violation of any of the restrictive rules.
    5. To reject all the other articles in case of violation of any of the restrictive rules.
    The following punitive sanctions can be used against o the violator in case of violation of rules of article displaying for sale: issuance of a warning, account blocking, nulling or decrease of rating, negative reference on behalf of the eTXT administration.
    When moderator can cancel/null the sale of an article?
    1. The article had lost its originality before the buyer published it on the Internet.
    2. Factual or logic errors in the text.
    3. The title of the article does not correspond to the content, the description does not give an idea of what the article is about.
    4. The description does not contain some data about the article important for the buyer (for instance, that it is an advertisement article, the narrator is a man/woman, first-person narration, etc.).
    5. Qualification given to the article by the moderator does not conform to the quality of the article.
  • Can I post my referral link right here at eTXT?

    No, you can post your referral link anywhere but eTXT.

  • Brief instruction how to activate the promotional code on eTXT
    1. You have to register and / or log in on eTXT.

    2. In the personal account in the "Finance" widget, click on the "Top up" link.

    3. In the lower part of the Topup balance page that opens, click on the link I have the promotional code.

    4. Enter or paste the copied promotional code into the appropriate field. Click the Repay button.

    5. The amount of the promotional code will be credited to your account. Using promo points you can pay for proofreading services, online text verification, raising ads, orders, or articles for sale for their advertising.

    For more information on activation and use of the promotional code, please visit the eTXT Promotional Codes page.
  • What happens after I sell the text? What rights do I have to this text, what rights does the buyer have?

    The seller transfers all the rights to the text to the buyer.
    This is the right to own, dispose and use the text, as well as to allow an unlimited number of persons to own, dispose and use the text.

    What can a buyer do? Read the text and keep it on your devices (own), publish on the websites (use), ask to correct errors in it and add images (to dispose ) and allow your employee or friend and any person or organization to do all this with text.

  • How to subscribe to eTXT newsletters?

    If you are already registered on the eTXT and want to receive the newsletter by the mail specified during registration, you should go through three steps:

    1. Go to the account settings in the Personal Account by clicking on the button in the main "Account" widget.
    2. Go to the Notifications tab and opposite the item eTXT Newsletter check the box in the e-mail column.
    3. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

    If you do not have your account on the eTXT, you can subscribe to the newsletter during registration - for this, you need to mark this option when filling the registration form.

  • What happened with checking, turn it as it was! The program emphasizes the terms! How will I change them? Emphasizes product names! But this is a recipe! Do I need to spoil the content side of the text for the sake of uniqueness? But the quality of the text will suffer, and I do not want to distort the facts! What should I do?

    There is no need to distort facts and spoil the content.

    Matches on common names, dates, terms, stable phrases, keywords, etc., which are necessary for the text to reveal the topic / are required by the assignment and which cannot be replaced with other words with the same meaning, are permissible. The customer should take this into account when drawing up the assignment and set adequate requirements for uniqueness. To the author more carefully learn the assignment and not accept it if the requirements are not feasible.

    Long nonunique, literally matching fragments, big fragments of superficial rewriting, etc. are unacceptable.

  • What is the payment currency made in the system? How can I replenish the balance on the eTXT, and the way to withdraw funds?

    To go to the top up the balance, click on the "Top up" button at the top of your account. You can deposit funds to eTXT in different ways - the following types of payment are available:

    • WebMoney wallet (WMP, WMZ);
    • bank cards;
    • non-cash payments for legal entities.

    You can use the following methods to withdraw funds from your account:

    • Internet wallets WebMoney (WMZ / WME);
    • bank cards;
    • Bank transfer for legal entities, as well as for individuals after the conclusion of the contract.

    Important: all financial transactions related to depositing / withdrawing money from an account are made only on the international version of eTXT