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Orders for Clients
  • Can I edit my orders, which are waiting for the author selection, and if the author has not yet been assigned?

    Yes, you can. Every order has a pencil icon. This is the editing option. Click on it. Remember that after editing, all applications for the order go into the comment status. You can edit the order only until the author is assigned.

  • The author refuses to revise the work even though it has some mistakes that need to be corrected.

    If the author fails to deliver the revised work upon the expiration of the revision term, the work will be marked as ďexpiredĒ in 3 days for regular orders and 3 hours for rush orders after the work is sent for revision. The authorís rating will be penalized for late delivery (the author will automatically lose some scores), while the client will be able to post a negative review about the author and place the order again to find a more competent author. The funds held in the clientís account will be released back to the client.

  • Why am I not getting any proposals for my project?

    The reasons include:
    The checkmark is removed that makes the project visible to all authors;
    Not all authors whoíd like to submit a proposal to your project have the required level of skill specified by you;
    Sometimes you just need to wait for a while to find the right author for your project.

  • How to create the individual order?
    If you want to give the order to the particular author, we recommend using the ďIndividual orderĒ option. To do this, on the placement / editing order page, open the ďAdvanced OptionsĒ block at the bottom, in the ďAccess to OrderĒ drop-down menu, select ďIndividual OrderĒ, enter or paste the authorís login in the ďSearch by LoginĒ line and click on the magnifying glass icon. After that, select the author in the "Confirm the author" field.

    There is the other way to create an individual order: go to the author's profile for whom you want to place the order, and click on the "Individual Order" button on the "Basic" tab at the bottom of the page. In this case, the checkout page will open, where the authorís login will be added automatically.
    Only selected author will be able to submit an application for the individual order, because the order will not be available for other users in the system. In this case, the author will receive a message that the assignment is issued for him.
  • I canít hire the author that I like.

    Make sure you have enough funds in your account to pay the author (the price of the project + a 5% fee). Also, you may not be able to hire an author if the author hasnít submitted a proposal to your project but just left a comment instead.

  • The author hasnít delivered the work or refuses to do the order. When will the funds be released back to me?

    The funds will be released back to you right after you cancel the order.

  • Can I extend the deadline for the order that is already being done?

    You can by using a pencil icon in the Deadline field.

  • The deadline for my order has passed. The author is online but doesnít respond to my messages. I no longer need him to execute this order. How can I cancel it?

    If the deadline has passed, the order becomes ďexpiredĒ. This is when an additional option appears enabling the client to cancel the order.
    If you press Cancel the Order, the current author will no longer be hired for the order, the funds will be released back to the client, the project will become inactive, and it wonít be able to repost it to find a new author. If you press Find Another Author, the current author will no longer be hired for the order, the funds will be released back to the client, and the order will be moved to the Pending Orders section for editing and reposting to find a new author.

  • I created a personal order and pressed Save. Ever since, the status has been showing as ďin drafts (NOT ACTIVE)Ē. How can I make it active or is it waiting for the author to open it? Whatís the procedure?

    You forgot to check Post while saving the order. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the order name to edit the order, check Post and press Save. After that, the order will be visible to the author and the author will need to submit a proposal to it as with all orders. Donít forget to accept the proposal or you wonít have your order done.

  • Iím not satisfied with the quality of the article that the author keeps sending me. As far as I understand, the author is incompetent, and returning it for revision again would be a waste of time. The deadline is in several days. Can I refuse to work with this author?

    You may cancel your order via a moderator by pressing Apply to Remove the Author from the Order. Donít forget to indicate the authorís username, order the name of the reason for removing the author, and provide some fragments from the work delivered.

  • I canít place my order. When I press Save, the system says, ďThe user isnít found or has been blacklisted.Ē How can I get my order placed?
    Perhaps, youíre using an order template. If thatís the case, please try creating an order without using an order template. If you still canít place your order, please contact our [url=]feedback team[/url]. Alternatively, press Show Additional Order Options and select Available to All under Limits or enter the username of the required author.
  • While trying to make a personal order Iím getting a warning about this type of work or this price for 1000 characters not being up to the criteria the author has set.

    That means the author did set limitations in his profile and the order youíre making is indeed not up to them: e.g. the authorís lowest price for translation is 100 rubles per 1000 characters while the price you offer is
    30/1000 only, or that this particular type of work is not among the ones the author indicates in his profile.
    Your being in the authorís White List solves the problem enabling you to make any kind of order regardless of any limitations.

  • I had some drafts of the orders to make and now it looks like they are gone. Any ideas where they can be?

    After a certain period of time - 180 days for general orders and 30 days for individual ones - since the last editing the drafts of orders are automatically deleted and there is no way to restore them.

  • When I published an order, an error ocurred Actually, the order is being published, i. e. this error notification doesnít interfere with my work. But why have I got this notification?

    Some users have already faced this problem. The error occurred when applying third-party html formatting in eTXT json- respond (when saving the task) because of the extension that has been set in the browser and that actually has made this json-respond incorrect.

    Theoretically, any other extension might have been the reason for the problem, - the easiest way to check it is to disable all the extensions/plugins in your browser (in Chrome the incognito mode is the most convenient way).

  • Order placement

    By ticking the box opposite this section, you oblige the Author to post the article he wrote on the internet. The particularity of this function is that it will save your time and money. You no longer need to look for sites to post the article, the Authors will do it instead of you. You can view the list of Internet sources offered by the Author where the article you ordered will be posted. In case you have satisfied the order, before accepting, you can control that the Author has placed the article on the indicated Internet sites and after it accept the order.

  • Multi-order

    If you need a certain number of different articles on the same topic, you do not have to post a few jobs, you can just post one multi-order by ticking the box opposite. In this way, you make it possible to receive a few applications for one order at the same time. The number of job posts can be limited by specifying their number in a certain window, otherwise, applications will be accepted as long as you have funds in your user account.

  • Rush orders

    Orders are urgent if deadlines, excluding the time allocated for completion, are less than 48 hours. The following terms are set in urgent orders:

    • The Author has to submit the order within 10 minutes after the specified deadline in the 'Deadline' field;
    • The minimum period for implementation is 2 hours;
    • The maximum revision time is 3 hours from the moment of sending for revision: if the urgent order was submitted earlier that the due time, the time remaining for the completion of the order is added to these three hours (allotted for revision);
    • The maximum verification period is 5 hours from the moment when the Author has submitted the order for verification: if the Author sent the work earlier the due time, the time remaining until the deadline is added to these 5 hours (allotted for verification).
  • Download XML Order Package

    To download the file must be in the following format:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1251" ?>

    Order title
    Order type -integer: 1 - copywriting, 2 - rewriting, 3 - translation (a language is not specified), 4 - SEO-copywriting
    Order type -integer: 0 - not determined, 1 - selling text, 2 - informative article, 3 - news/press-release, 4 - text for email, 5 - text for social networks, 6 - review

    Order description

    Order text. Optional field.

    Keywords. The obligatory field for SEO-copywriting.
    Indicate the keywords and phrases that should be in the text, separated by commas.
    The desired frequency can be specified through a colon (:). For example, train: 4, metro:1

    The exact name of the source language for translations, by default: English.(A list of languages can be obtained through API: function options.getLangs)
    The exact name of the language into which the translation is required, by default: Russian.
    Delivery date in format (for example, 12.10.2011), not more than 90 days
    Delivery time in hh format: mm (for example, 12:14), the optional field, by default, 23:59 of the specified day of delivery
    Full order price/1000 characters, number rounded to 2 digits after the point, for example, 14.50
    1 - for 1000 characters, 2 - for the full order
    0 - without spaces (by default), 1 - with spaces, optional field
    Number of characters optional if a field exists text
    Required order uniqueness, integer in the range 5-100, optional field
    1 - published, 0 - not published
    1 - auto acceptance, 0 - without auto acceptance (by default), the optional field
    The minimum rating for auto acceptance, integer, the optional field
    skill level according to work type, integer 1-3, optional field level
    a number of positive reviews for auto acceptance (not less), integer, optional field
    a number of negative reviews for auto acceptance (not more), integer, optional field
    1 - user qualifications accounting, 0 - not accounting (by default), optional field
    a number of multi orders, optional field
    1 - when set the limit "one multi order for one client", 0 - no limit (by default)
    the authorąôs login for personal order, optional field
    1 - if the order for a white list. field is optional
    the name of a group from whitelist for whom the order (limit is required whitelist=1), optional field
    1 - if you put a minimum size limit for delivery at 90% of the required size
    The exact name of the thematic category, required field
    1 - the order is only for certified copywriters on the topic. Copywriters have passed a test to prove the topic knowledge and have professional education (Available for four thematic categories: 1. Medicine. 2. Construction. 3. Law and justice. 4. Accounting and finance.). 0 or not - no, the field is optional.
    1 - authors have uploaded and confirmed the diploma and its specialization is indicated in the profile. 0 or not - no, the field is optional

    Medicine. 2. Construction. 3. Law and justice. 4. Accounting and finance.). 0 or not - no, the field is optional.
    1 - authors have uploaded and confirmed the diploma and its specialization is indicated in the profile. 0 or not - no, the field is optional