Campaigns (adding articles for placement) for Advertisers

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Campaigns (adding articles for placement) for Advertisers
  • Whats the fee of eTXT for advertisers?

    The fee is 10% of the cost charged by the webmaster for placing the advertisers content on their websites. Its divided equally between the webmaster (5%) and the advertiser (5%).

  • Ive submitted an article but its not indexed. It turns out the web address has been changed but the website shows the old web address. What do I do?

    To change the URL, contact our feedback team with the new article and website URLs, and well take care of the rest.

  • I used to be able to monitor whether or not my article is indexed. I dont find this option anymore. Why?

    You cant see whether or not an article is indexed after the payment for placing the article has been made. This option is disabled automatically.

  • I submitted an article and paid for its permanent placement on a website. At first, the article was actually there, but then they removed it. How can I get my money back?

    If the advertiser has paid for ad placement but the ad hasnt been placed (page not found, error), the advertiser may file a complaint to the feedback team.

    If the webmaster has enough funds in the account, our moderator will return the order for revision indicating the return reasons, provided the payment has been made. The order will be marked as Under Revision, while a hold will be put on the funds (placement cost) in the webmasters account.
    When the webmaster delivers the revised work to the advertiser, the status shows as Under Review. This is when additional options become available enabling the advertiser to approve the work delivered (if all placement requirements are met by the webmaster), return it for further revision, or cancel the payment.

    If the webmaster doesnt have enough funds in the account and the order cant be returned for revision, the webmasters account may be locked for the irresponsible performance of duties and unlocked only if the webmaster undertakes to reimburse the cost of ad placement.

  • Ive found a website offering 30-day ad placements. I like everything but the term. I want to have my ad placed there but the webmasters refuse to change the term. Can I do anything about it?

    If you like the website but need a longer-term, check to Extend Every 30 Days of Indexation by Yandex.

    As a result, in 30 days of indexation by Yandex your ad, instead of being moved into the suspended, will be extended by another month, while a hold will be put on the appropriate sum in your account.

    If youve checked Extend Every 30 Days of Indexation by Yandex but dont have enough funds in your account, the ad wont be extended and will be moved into the suspected. After that, you have 14 days to top up your account and extend the ad manually.

  • My order has been moved into the Problem Orders section. What does it mean and how can it be fixed?

    An order is moved into the Problem Orders section if the article hasnt been indexed by Yandex for 30 days within the past 90 days but the ad opens fine on the website, or if the ad is placed incorrectly on the website (it wouldnt open or it says theres been an error) but the funds havent been released to the webmaster yet.

    For more information about problem orders, please go to (Actions in Each Particular Case).

  • I have a question that hasnt been covered in this section. What do I do?

    For more information, please click here or contact our feedback team.

  • Articles batch adding to a campaign
    The article (or the file with the article) must comply with the following format:

    Article title

    Description (visible only for you)

    META title

    META keywords

    META description

    URL Recommended Name

    Announcement Text

    The text of the article in HTML format

  • How long does it take to check campaigns and the articles that I add to a campaign?

    Moderators check all articles and campaigns manually within 24 hours.