Literacy Test for Authors

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Literacy Test for Authors
  • Why do authors have to take a literacy test?

    Our literacy test has been designed to prevent authors from submitting their proposals if they dont know the rules of the language and are unable to deliver a quality work. Passing a literacy test with a high score means the author has a good understanding of the language and knows its rules.

    This improves the authors reputation.
    Also, passing our literacy test gives you access to the highest-paying orders.

  • How to pass a literacy test?

    Go to your personal account, find the "Qualification" widget and click on the link "Literacy Test".
    The test consists of 10 questions, 7 minutes are allotted to pass it. The test results are displayed as soon as you finish working with it.

  • Whats the passing score?

    The test is passed if you have 7-10 correct answers. Having 0-6 correct answers or not finishing the test on time means youve failed your literacy test.

  • Ive failed the test/Ive passed the test but I dont agree with the score. I know I can do better. What can I do to improve my score?

    If youve failed your test (you have less than 7 correct answers), you can retake it in 2 weeks.
    If youve passed your test (you have 7 or more correct answers), you can retake it in a month.

  • Why did you delete my literacy test results? Ive scored 100%!

    Passing our literacy test with a high score alone is not enough. You need to also confirm your level of skill with every order you execute and every article you sell. Dont you think its fair? When a client hires you to execute an order because youve passed a literacy test with a good score, they want to also be sure that theyll be satisfied with the work delivered.

    If we check your work and the articles that youre selling and it turns out the quality of your work doesnt correspond to your literacy test results, your literacy test results may be canceled.

  • Can I work with the highest-paying orders without taking the literacy test?

    If your rating is 300 or more, you may not take the test if you dont want to (or you may take it just for fun or out of curiosity). If your rating ranges from 0 to 299, you cant access our highest-paying orders without passing the test.