eTXT Promotional Codes

Proofreading services, uniqueness checking, raising ads etc

Did you receive the eTXT promotional code?
Great! After you activate the promo code,
you can use it to pay:
Proofreading Services
Your site’s texts will be not just informative, but also literate in terms of the English language.
Uniqueness Checker
Posted materials must meet the basic requirement of search engines - being original.
Order rising
To highlight an order and quickly find an author. It is displayed among attached orders above the main list.
Ad rising
To find the right copywriter or client easier and faster in the eTXT system.
Who Can Use the Promotional Code?
Any new user registered on eTXT not more than 30 days ago.
How to Activate a Promo Code?
Register on eTXT or log in to your account which exists not more than 30 days.
Link a mobile phone number to your account.
How to do it.
Activate the promo code in the «Top up balance» section in the «Promotional code» field.
The amount of the promotional code reflects in the account, and you can pay the services you need using.
How to Pay for eTXT Services Using a Promotional Code?
Proofreading Services
When completing the assignment select «Use promotional points»
Online uniqueness checker
Select «Use promo points»
Ad raising
After the moderator accepts the announcement, click the «Raise announcement» button. In the new window select «Using promotional points», then click the «Raise the ad» button
Order raising
After placing the order, click the «Raise Order» button. In the opened window select «Using promotional points», then click the «Raise Order» button
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