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Keyword-optimized articles written by professional authors will enable your website to take a leading position in search results.

SEO-copywriting service includes:
  • An article written with relevant key words while avoiding oversaturation.
  • Full disclosure of the uniqueness of the article.
  • Work completed on time to your specifications.

SEO Copywriting: Pricing

The price depends on the desired text length. Rates are per 1000 words with spaces.

The author's qualifications are is determined by a test with a score of 1 to 3. If the author does not confirm his skill level, his rates will be $1-5 per 1000 characters.

Just 3 Steps to Order SEO Article
It can be challenging to write an SEO article that is relevant to both a client and internet search engines. Ultimately, clients must create detailed job postings including all the keywords so, expectations are clear for the SEO copywriter.

Create the Job Posting


a Copywriter


Receive an SEO Optimized Article

Compile the assignment, and specify your requirements for the SEO article: the keywords, keyword frequency, text length and due date. Select a SEO copywriter: review proposals from copywriters and award your assignment to the best fit. Check the article: confirm and make payment, or you can send it back for revision.
Select a Copywriter
SEO Copywriting Search Criteria

Use the search criteria below to find the best SEO-copywriter for your content:

Qualifications (choose 1 or more)

Topic category

Price from $1 to $30 (per 1000 characters)

5 60

The skill level indicates a copywriters professionalism and his ability to smoothly embed keywords into your text.

Select a topic to find a copywriter knowledgeable in the area you need.

When you set a price, you will see how many SEO-copywriters are able to complete your order within a particular budget.

Every copywriter's profile contains a detailed statistics of done works: a topic, average cost, number of orders, portfolio, etc.

How Does SEO Content Writing Help?

With all of Googles algorithms, its no wonder companies and writers are struggling to keep up. There is so much competition and peoples interests are always changing it can be hard to know what keywords you need to stay relevant. Thats why eTXT provides SEO content writing services to give you the expertise you need to be successful.

Seo content writing is an inexpensive marketing tool. Essentially, you can use your ranking on Google as an ad that you dont have to pay for. Google comprehends the keywords being used and if your site can be trusted. The more credibility it gives you, the more likely your page will end up on top. There are many ways to find keywords at no cost, but yet can make you a ton of money if used right.

Defining SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is what every company and writer want to master because it helps boost views and gets people to share your content if they like the information youre putting out. The strategy is to pinpoint search engines and gear towards specific search queries. SEO content writing requires you to do some upfront research on keywords and the audience you want to target in order to be successful.

When you utilize SEO to its maximum potential, it will provoke people to click on your links. SEO content writing helps you stand out and keeps you away from plagiarism. When you use SEO correctly, youll find that you never have trouble producing content that attracts more visitors.

If you help with SEO content writing, eTXT can provide this service to you to get on Googles front page using SEO strategies. Call eTXT today to learn more about SEO content writing services.

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SEO Copywriting from eTXT
You can use eTXT content platform when you need a SEO text for your site at the best price. Skilled copywriters will complete your article considering all your requirements: key words, text length, and due date.
Benefits of eTXT:
  • Service is available 24/7;
  • Select copywriters based on their rating, portfolio and real reviews;
  • Article completion on time;
  • Get exactly what you want: topic, uniqueness, drafting style, number of characters, keywords;
  • Payment guarantee.
SEO Copywriter Responsibilities:
  • 1. Develop a text plan with an outline of the content.
  • 2. Write a unique article based on the customer requirements.
  • 3. Check the completed article: proofread, edit, verify keyword density and avoid over-saturation.

Quality web design with UX (user experience) elements, CTA (call to action), thematic video, high-quality photos are all relevant features for a website to be effective. But if site pages do not contain any SEO keywords, your organic traffic from searches will be insignificant. By choosing SEO copywriting services with eTXT, you get high-quality and unique articles from masters of their craft.

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