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How It Works:
Recommend eTXT to a new freelancer or client and share a referral link
A new eTXT user registers from your referral link
The new freelancer or client completes transactions on eTXT
You get 25% of the eTXT commission from your referrals' transactions
How Much Can You Really Earn in the eTXT Referral Program?

Average amount of a referral’s transactions in a month


eTXT commission


Partner commission


per Referral in One Month

Multiply by the number of your referrals and the number of months that you are an active partner!

The eTXT Rising Income Referral Program
Best of all, you continue to receive from all your referrals as long as you are an eTXT active partner!
The only condition to being an active partner is that you must attract at least 1 new referral every 3 months.
Your income will constantly be growing!
*Assumption: 50 new referrals per month.
Benefits of the eTXT Referral Program
No risk or investment
No need to have your own website or blog
Promotional materials provided
Unlimited commissions for active partners
Referral link is active for 7 days
View your referrals' transaction activity in your personal account
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