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Rewriting is an up-and-coming service that is beneficial to companies on a budget. Lets say your freelancer didnt produce quality work, but you dont have the funds to have them redo it or hire someone new. What do you do? Consider trying eTXT rewriting services. Our skilled freelancers can help you improve the text without breaking the bank. If youre not sure what rewriting is and how it can help you, keep reading.

What Does "Rewriting" Mean?

With writing, there are always different ways of saying things and improvements to be made. Thats why the rewriting process is so important if you want to make sure your content will perform well and resonate with your readers. Rewriting helps enhance your content with simple edits that make a world of a difference. This technique verifies facts before placing them into your article to ensure accuracy. Rewriting can also be a strategic activity to analyze key words and improve SEO.

Benefits of Rewriting

The benefits of rewriting are endless, but well discuss a couple of useful pros of rewriting. First, you can increase your search engine optimization ranking, better known as SEO. SEO is beneficial because it uses keywords to make your content searchable when consumers are looking for information on the Internet.

Second, rewriting will provide you with high-quality content. It doesnt matter how much content you produce if it is poor quality. Your audience wants to read with accurate information that inspires them. 100% unique content will grabs peoples attention and make your company stand out.

Give rewriting a try! eTXT can help you tremendously with this important task. Use our rewriting service to turn your companys content around today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Rewriting or Copywriting?
The concepts of "rewriting" and "copywriting" are quite simple to distinguish:
  • Copywriting is a writing a new article on a given topic from scratch;
  • Rewriting is processing an original text to achieve 90-100% uniqueness, however the text meaning remains unchanged.
Copywriting takes considerably more time than rewriting. If you are ready to wait and have the budget, then order copywriting service. But if you need to update or rewrite existing content as quickly as possible, then rewriting services will better suit your needs.
Rewriting: Pricing
Rewriting is less expensive than copywriting. Recommended prices for rewriting services depend on the authors qualifications (for 1000 characters):

eTXT commission is only 10% of the order (5% from the client and 5% from the copywriter).

Rewriting Rates
Qualifications choose 1 or more


Topic category


Select a topic category. - When a topic is highly specialized, and you need a freelancer who is comfortable with the concepts and terminology.

Price ($) per 1000 characters

from 5 50


Set a minimum and maximum price that you are willing to pay per 1000 characters.

Every copywriter's profile contains a detailed statistics of done works: a topic, average cost, number of orders, portfolio, etc.

When choosing a copywriter you can evaluate his profile or hire someone from the top list.

Just 3 Easy Steps

Compile an assignment


Select a rewriter


Get a rewritten article

Attach the text to be rewritten.
Set the deadline.
Determine the price.
Define special requirements.
Review applications and proposals.
Hire the best rewriter for your job.
Review the article to verify.
Confirm the order.
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