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When it comes to running a website or blog, everyone can agree that content is very important. If you want to be taken seriously, your content must be well-written. High quality proofreading and editing is essential to ensure your text is error-free and credible. At eTXT, we have professional editors offering a variety of services, including English editing and online proofreading, to save you time and polish your content.

Dont be fooled by editing apps they can point out basic errors, but it is best to have your content proofread and edited by a professional to verify it is technically correct and easy for audiences to read.

Proofreading Versus Editing

Whats the difference between proofreading and editing? Proofreading corrects technical language issues, and editing helps your content stand out by improving stylistic elements. With eTXT proofreading services, we check for: spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, as well as sentence structure. Simple mistakes can distract your audience as they read your content. Our editing services are more in-depth, improving word usage, sentence flow and phrasing, and organization of the text. eTXTs primary objective is to enhance your text, so your message is conveyed accurately and concisely.

Why Hire a Professional Proofreader/Editor?

Proofreading and editing should be done by an outside eye. It can be difficult to edit your own writing because you are accustomed to your style. A professional can take the time to focus on identifying errors and ensuring that your content can be understood by a wider audience. Plus, this gives you more time to create new content!

Proofreading and editing are crucial to correct errors and polish your message. eTXTs English editing and proofreading services will save you time and enhance your content for a broad reading audience.

An Editors Responsibility

The author is responsible for the general approach to the text and its contents. An editor modifies the text to improve it, make it more engaging, and easier to read.

  • Dissonance and disorganization;
  • Compatibility and consistency errors;
  • Repetition of ideas and specific words;
  • Poor sentence structure and word sequences;
  • Inaccurate use of language.

The message of the author is fully preserved. If the editor sees opportunities to revise or supplement the text, recommendations are provided to the author.

Editing Includes:
  • Work on styling fitting the authors text according to the stylistic norms of the English language.
  • Reducing the length of text and making it more concise while maintaining the meaning. The editor reduces the number of unnecessary details and figures, removes similar facts and phrases and eliminates inaccurate data.
  • Structuring content division into paragraphs, chapters.
  • Reorganize the ideas within the text to improve the flow, thematic unity and sequence of text.
A Proofreaders Responsibility

Minor errors and typos are distracting to a reader and reduce the authors credibility. A proofreader ensures the text is clean and error-free.

Proofreading is necessary before publishing any text: a literary text, a memo, informational articles, and even product labels.

What do Proofreading includes:
  • Punctuation verification;
  • Correction of clerical and typographical errors;
  • Checking for spelling errors: correct hyphenation, separate and continuous spelling of words, the use of uppercase and lowercase letters;
  • Grammatical and syntax corrections: verify correct and consistent use of tenses, sentence structure, etc.
Proofreader Editor
Punctuation verification Styling norms of English language
Check spelling and correct word usage Improve word usage and avoid overuse
Correct typographical errors Improve flow and sequence of the text
Grammar and tenses Make it concise and remove redundant and unnecessary information
Syntax and sentence structure Structure paragraphs and chapters
Provide recommendations for supplemental information
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Editing and Proofreading: Pricing

Editing and proofreading are different types of services with different costs. The editor corrects the texts which were read and corrected before during the proofreading. So the cost of editing is higher.

A proofreader corrects errors in the text, while an editor also improves the structure and readability of the text. Editing requires a higher skill level, and therefore, the cost is higher.

The cost for work is indicated per 1,000 characters including spaces.

To calculate an estimated cost of editing or proofreading, you need to determine the number of characters in the text. You can use standard function "statistics" function in Word Google Docs. Similar services are also available online.

If the text contains 7k characters with spaces, the non-urgent proofreading price would be:

$7 per 1000 characters
$7 x 7 = $49
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eTXT Quality Guarantee

Why should you choose professional proofreading instead of online editing services? Although online proofreaders can identify some spelling and punctuation errors, they are far from perfect. An online proofreader does not comprehend the subtleties of language use and style. It does not distinguish indirect speech from direct speech and does not understand the nuances of verbal instructions.

No computer program can correct all errors in the text. The machine will not be able to replace these highly qualified and experienced specialists.

The eTXT team employs experienced and educated language specialists.
All proofreaders and editors are tested to confirm their qualifications.
The agreed upon due dates are strictly observed and the prices are fixed.
The Final Product

After checking the text, you will receive a file with the revisions.

You receive a corrected text in Word format, with edits and comments in the margins of the document. You can work with them: edit, reject, compare with the source text and apply the recommendations as you see fit. After an eTXT proofreader or editor checks your text, you will receive the corrected text in Word or GoogleDocs format with edits in the body of the document and comments in the margins. You can review all the edits before you commit the changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which service should I order if I want my text improved?

    It depends. If you are against significant changes to the text, you should order proofreading. The proofreader completes only a narrow range of tasks including checking for typos and correcting spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors: he eliminates typos, searches for errors in authors punctuations and spelling.

    If you are not sure about the way your document is organized, the sentence structure, or use of wording, then we recommend you get the help of a professional editor

  • What format should I use when sending the order to be edited?

    Files should be sent in Google Docs, .odt, or .docx/doc formats. The .odt format requires conversion to .docx because it allows you to see the corrections that have been made.

    We work in Google Docs, OpenOffice and Word.

  • How long time will my order take?

    Turnaround times depends on the workload of specialists and the complexity of the text.

    The standard time for checking an order is at least 2 days (48 hours). You set the due date for the proofreader. If you have an urgent need, you can select the option "Check within 24 hours". There is an extra charge for urgent orders, but it ensures that your order will be processed first.

  • Are copyrights and confidentiality guaranteed when I send documents to eTXT?

    eTXT operates with high standards for ethics and integrity, and guarantee the confidentiality of texts we receive from our clients.

  • Do you guarantee that there are no defects / typos / errors in the text?

    We do not give such guarantees because there is always a human element. Even the largest publishing house can miss a honest mistake.

    We do guarantee that all efforts will be made to ensure the highest quality of work. We will work together with you to make sure you receive what you expected and are satisfied with the results.

  • Is it possible for the editors to add some text if necessary?

    No, our proofreaders and editors do not provide such services. They only edit the text that has been provided and work on the literal expression of the authors thoughts. If you require content creation services, eTXT offers Copywriting services.

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