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  • Submitting articles for sale: rules
    1. After adding the article text and filling in all the fields, click on one of the buttons: “Upload for sale” or “To drafts”. If you click on "Upload for sale" the article will be sent for pre-sale moderation, the "In drafts" button is intended to save the text without publication (it will be available only for the seller and will not be moderated).
    2. To edit the article text which has already placed for sale (or for the information in the other fields: when changing the title, description, etc.), go to the "For Sale" section in the "Articles" widget and click on the "Edit" icon in the pencil form in the right part of the article card. After changing the text, click the "Upload for sale" button, after that the article will be sent for pre-sale moderation.
    3. To delete the article, click on the Cart icon on the right side of the article card.
    4. To remove the article from sale for a time, you need to go to the "For Sale" section in the "Articles" widget, go to article editing and click the "In drafts" button.
    5. When adding an article, the number of characters is calculated automatically. When counting, spaces are not taken into account.
    6. The article moderation has 2 steps: 1 step — automatic checking for uniqueness by the eTXT service program, 2 step — checking by the moderator.
    7. The article is moderated within 7 days. In some cases, the terms of moderation could be increased.
    8. After the article is moderated, the seller receives a system message with notification that the article is accepted for sale or its rejection, indicating the reasons for rejection. If the moderator does not indicate the reasons for the rejection, the seller will receive a standard system message with the text: “The moderator rejected the article without giving reasons. Possible reasons for rejection: incorrect filling the fields, CAPITAL letters in the title, poor quality or low uniqueness of the text."
    9. If the moderator rejects the article, it falls into the Drafts section and it is completely deleted from the system after 5 days. If you want the article not to be deleted, it is necessary to edit and save the text within a 5-days.
    Requirements for the articles displayed for sale and fields completion:
    1. High originality (Originality of an article is not defined exclusively by the index numbers (i.e. the program can show even 80%, and the matches will be by the short generally used phrases or on different websites). Moderator analyses match in each case. At that, the length of matching a phrase, the density of matching, and the percentage of matching within one and the same address are taken into account. Matches of short commonly used phrases are acceptable. The percentage of matchings within one address must not exceed 3-5%. Articles with the originality lower than 80% are rejected automatically regardless of the nature of the found matches.
    2. Correctness.
    3. Compliance with the contents with the headline and subject of the article.
    4. Correct spacing. Excessive spaces between words are unacceptable (there must be only one space), as well as spaces before the beginning of the first sentence in a paragraph, before a semicolon, before and after a hyphen. The usage of a space is mandatory after a semicolon, before and after a dash, before opening, and after closing brackets.
    5. There must be no words in the title or in the text that are entirely written IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Important notions are to be highlighted by using italics, underlining, or bold type.
    6. Exhaustive information about the article: target audience, target sites, narrative point of view, the genre of the text, language style, quotations in the article (non-unique fragments), images, list of references, article type (advertisement, description, etc.).
    7. Presence of the list of references or other sources used in the process of writing a certain article.
    8. Keywords must be separated by commas and spaces.
    It is forbidden for user:
    1. To use both Latin and Cyrillic alphabet when writing a word.
    2. To duplicate parts of the text.
    3. To add to their text promotional information about a certain website/company, contact data.
    4. To display for sale a copy of an article already published on the Internet (even if the original text belongs to the seller himself and is being published on his personal blog).
    5. To display for sale an article that is highly similar to another article already displayed for sale or sold.
    6. To display for sale paper scans.
    eTXT administration reserves the right:
    1. To recheck at any moment the article for originality, mistakes, satisfactory document form, compliance of the contents with the name of the article, etc., and to reject it if some requirement is not fulfilled.
    2. To write a negative review to the user if some of the restrictive rules of article displaying for sale are violated.
    3. To issue a warning to the seller if some of the requirements to the articles or to the field completion are not met or if any of the restrictive rules are violated.
    4. To block a user's account for the further violation of rules if the user has already got a warning for the violation of any of the restrictive rules.
    5. To reject all the other articles in case of violation of any of the restrictive rules.
    The following punitive sanctions can be used against o the violator in case of violation of rules of article displaying for sale: issuance of a warning, account blocking, nulling or decrease of rating, negative reference on behalf of the eTXT administration.
    When moderator can cancel/null the sale of an article?
    1. The article had lost its originality before the buyer published it on the Internet.
    2. Factual or logic errors in the text.
    3. The title of the article does not correspond to the content, the description does not give an idea of what the article is about.
    4. The description does not contain some data about the article important for the buyer (for instance, that it is an advertisement article, the narrator is a man/woman, first-person narration, etc.).
    5. Qualification given to the article by the moderator does not conform to the quality of the article.
  • Article types and specifics of their moderation:
    1. Informative article — journalistic, scientific, political, economic, general information text, etc. in which not only a list of dry facts is given, but also the position of the author is stated out, his/her attitude to the information is expressed. Some topical matter of discussion in society, an event that provokes the interest of a wide audience, a generally known fact, a recently read book, and many other things can become the basis of an article.
    2. News — prompt message, containing information about a recently happened event or about an event that is happening now. In a piece of news thr date of the event (happened/planned) must be specified.
      Moderation time of the articles of this type is 1-3 hours after the text has been checked for plagiarism, automatic withdrawal from publication is performed after a month of publication.
    3. Description/review of the product — description of the product's characteristics, advantages and disadvantages aimed at informing the potential buyer. Description can be both individual (of a single product) and comparative. Descriptions of products for Internet stores, reviews of electronic devices, computer games, software products, books, reviews of products, goods, electronic devices, descriptions of films, film trailers, as well as previews of newly-designed products for Internet stores can be added to these categories.
    4. Recipe — a text which contains step-by-step guidance on the preparation of a certain dish/course, list of the ingredients, necessary for cooking.
    5. Workshops (needlework, handicraft, etc.) - a text which contains advice and information about techniques and methods of production of different things with one's own hands.
    6. Sketch/narrative/ story, Essay, etc. — this category includes:
      • work of fiction in prose (novel, narrative, story, sketch, fairy tale, legend, parable, poem or ballade in prose, etc.);
      • essay (a small work in an artistic or journalistic style, in some way similar to a composition; represents logic reasoning, that expresses author's thoughts on a certain socially important issue or event and author's attitude towards it);
      • composition (creative work dedicated to a certain subject; can be written in the form of description, narration, analysis of a fiction text, character, reasoning of a problem, touched upon in analyzed work, etc.).
    7. Article for a website home page — a text which contains answers to the basic questions concerning work with a certain enterprise, for instance: benefits and profits, the mission and principles, the list of enterprise partners, who trust the company, etc.
    8. Poetic texts — works, the compositions of which are mainly characterized by the presence of rhythm and rhyme - fables, verses, poems, etc.
  • I have added pictures taken from the Internet to the text for sale. Of course, I don’t know the photo's author. Moderators rejected my articles because the images are not a copyright / not unique. How can I confirm the authorship of the photo and is it possible to use images from the Internet, if they fit the text?

    1. Copying images from the Internet is prohibited. Adding them to texts, even if you have made them unique, is also prohibited. An exception is the a consent of the copyright holder to use. If there is such a consent, please send a screenshot to Feedback, which confirms that the copyright holder agrees to use the image by you.

    2. If you are the author of the image, send the photo sources as a confirmation of your authorship in Feedback.

  • Can I change the price of an article without submitting it for another moderation?

    Yes, you can. Click the pencil icon near the article’s price.

  • How can I add a picture to an article that I want to post for sale?

    Click the Insert an Image icon (located on the toolbar above the textbox), press View and select the image, or copy the web address of the image (if you’ve uploaded it to a cyberlocker).

  • Where can I download the purchased article?

    In your personal account, go to the “Purchased” section — from the menu on the left or from the “Articles” widget. Find the purchased article and click on the “Download” icon on the right side of the article’s card.

    After downloading, we do not recommend deleting the article from our catalog, you may need it in the future as evidence that you have received the right to dispose of this article for your purposes.

  • How will I know that someone wants to buy my article?

    You’ll be notified with a system message containing the buyer’s username. You’ll be able to contact the buyer by sending a private message if needed (by clicking on the buyer’s username in the system message).

  • Do unregistered users see the articles for sale?

    Yes, unauthorized users can see articles for sale in an external article shop.

    Of course, all users can only preview the article before buying. In this mode, you can see only a few short phrases randomly selected from different parts of the text.

  • How to sell a ready-made article?

    You need to open the section “Add article” of your account and fill out the form “Add / Edit article”. After clicking the “Upload for sale” button, the article will be saved in the system and will go to pre-sale moderation. When you click on the "Save in draft" button, the text will not go to moderation. After checking the article by moderators, you will receive a notification of its receipt for sale or rejection.

    Read the detailed instructions for uploading text for sale to the article store.

  • Can I edit articles for sale?

    Yes. There is a pencil icon on the card of each article — this is the editing option. Click on it. Remember that after editing the article for sale is re-moderated.

  • What requirements should I meet to automatically send the articles to moderation for sale on the eTXT?

    The user should have 6 different manually checked articles and 6 manual ratings (even in the same article) — these are parallel conditions that do not overlap with each other. So the system, before turning on auto-moderation, looks to see if there are 6 different manually checked texts, then if there are 6 any manual ratings.

    And if there are fewer articles, and if other conditions are met, the article can also go for auto-moderation. The article can be automatically admitted without text quality evaluating if the user has less than 6 manually checked texts, but at the same time has a rating (more than 300) and positive reviews (more than 10), no bans, and warnings.

    Please note: the system takes into account only those articles which moderation history it has the access to. If the article is deleted, the history of moderation deletes also.

  • Why did moderators reject my article?

    Reasons for rejecting an article include:
    1) Plagiarism (your article has text fragments taken from other sources);
    2) Some fields are filled out incorrectly (you forgot to indicate the price, copy and paste the text into the textbox, provide some relevant information about the article in the Description field (such as the use of long quotations or the fact that the article is written in the first person) etc.);
    3) Improper use of spaces;
    4) Errors.
    The reasons your article was rejected are listed by the moderator in the system message. If the moderator fails to specify the reasons your article was rejected, you’ll receive a standard system message: The reasons your article was rejected include: fields filled out incorrectly, CAPITAL letters in the title, grammatical errors, low percentage of unique content.

  • What does “low-quality text” in the Ready-made articles section mean?

    This means the text can’t be posted for sale due to spelling, punctuation, grammatical, stylistic, and other errors.

  • Can I delete the article from the system?

    The purchased article can be deleted 1 week after the purchase.
    If you are a seller and change your mind about selling it on eTXT, you can delete it immediately: click on the Cart icon on the right side of the article card.

  • How long does it take a moderator to check one article?

    It takes 2-4 days to check an article. On rare occasions, this term can be extended.

  • Can I post an article for sale twice?

    No, you can’t post an article for sale twice. However, you can post an article for sale if it’s already posted for sale on other websites, provided the article can be only previewed.

  • Why does my article go through pre-sale moderation for so long?
    The terms of moderation depend on the number of articles in the queue and the workload of the moderators.

    Just in case, check the status of the article — it should be "Publishing." If the status of the article is “Not Publishing,” go to edit the article (the “pencil” icon on the right) and click on the “Upload For Sale” button below.
  • What do x’s and check marks mean? As far as I understand, green check marks are good but red x’s are bad. Am I right? But why are the articles posted for sale anyway then? Moreover, there’s a red x but it doesn’t say why. For example, it’s the spelling. But it looks fine to me. If there are some spelling errors, why can’t you at least say in which sentence I should be looking for them (as with plagiarism)?

    Each article is checked not only for plagiarism but also for spelling, punctuation, stylistic and grammatical errors. When a spelling error (or a typo) is found, a red x appears near Spelling. If no spelling errors are found, you’ll see a green check mark. We don’t specify where exactly the errors are found on purpose. Our job is to check articles for errors and inform the potential buyer about their quality. Authors need to revise their articles and correct their errors themselves.

  • Why are my articles accepted and posted for sale automatically without being checked for errors (there are no x’s and check marks)?

    Articles may be posted for sale automatically without being checked for errors if they meet a number of requirements. Such requirements include:
    - the price of an article is less than 150 rubles;
    - the author has at least 10 articles previously checked and accepted by moderators to be posted for sale.

  • My article was rejected because they found a long non-unique text fragment. But I’ve never posted it anywhere. I’m just selling this article via several websites at the same time. It’s not prohibited, is it?

    Sometimes, when you preview an article, you may see a text fragment consisting of one or several sentences. This text fragment is seen by all users and some of them may copy and post it somewhere else. As a result, this lowers the percentage of unique content in your article causing our moderators to reject it.

  • How to make the article discount?

    To make the article discount, go to the “Mine for sale” section, click on the pencil icon next to the price of the article, and in the “Make a discount” field set the discount — from 5 to 90%. You do not need to edit the article, it will not be moderated again if only the price is changed. Be sure to check how much your discount will be valid (no more than 60 days). Confirm the changes by clicking on the “Save” button, after it the old price will be crossed out in the product’s card, and a checkbox with a discount will appear next to the new price. In the eTXT store, your article will additionally fall into the “For sale” section.

    If the article is not sold during the sale period you specified, the price will be automatic as you first set at the end of the discount period.

  • How to disable auto-moderation? I would like my articles to be manually checked.

    You can disable auto-moderation in the "Account Settings" — go to the "Interface" section and check the box "Manual moderation".