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  • Photo Moderation Rules
    We aim to publish a photo that has high sale potential (to our mind). We pay attention to the images quality first and do not accept all the images the users submit. The questions about images rejection are not taken under consideration by our Feedback team (but for rejections because of low uniqueness). Here you can read the rules and conditions of images submission.

    The image should meet some definite requirements to be accepted by the moderator:
    1. Uniqueness. Adding an image for sale you warrant you own the copyright/you are adding your work. Adding photos copied from printed sources or from the Internet (even if you edit images using image processing programs) is strongly prohibited.
    2. Quality. An image should be clear and accurate, without frames and cropping, of high resolution, correctly exposed – not over/underexposed, without distortions, noise, etc.
    3. Subject: image should be marketable from aesthetic, commercial and technical points of view. We strongly prohibit to publish images that contain violent material, sexually explicit/vulgar/obscene content or somehow in other way violate the laws of the Republic of Cyprus. Each image can be accepted in a single copy – we do not accept similar images (right/left view, scaled-up and at a distance, etc.). Only if the images shot from different angles are of the high artistic value we can make an exception.
    4. Diversity of subjects: we reserve the right to reject an image if we already have enough images on the same subject in our catalog or (especially) if this subject is not of high marketable value.
    5. Publication format:
      • acceptable file formats are .jpeg, .png, .gif, maximum file size - 10 MB
      • an image should be correctly oriented (horizontal shot will not be accepted if it is vertically oriented and vice versa).
      • image description should be done without mistakes, the image itself should correspond to the chosen category.
      • size of at least one side of an image should be no more than 2000 pixels.
    6. Images should not have any watermarks, URLs, signs of authors, etc. (we protect images with our eTXT watermark).
    7. Images should not have any trademarks and other signs protected by copyright: logos, labels, addresses, names of organizations, signs of patented trademarks, vehicle numbers, phone numbers, passport data, advertising bills, etc.
    8. People pictures/headshots should compulsorily be submitted with additional model releases (model passport scan and the confirmation that the model allows you to sell the photo, signed by the model). If a model is under 18, you need to attach the model release scan with his or her parent/foster parent sign and parent/foster parent passport scan). The exception is public person/people photo because the social character of their activity leaves open the possibility of covering this activity in mass media using pictures of these people.
    9. We reserve the right to recheck already added images in the catalog and delete them anytime, without giving any reason. When the image is deleted, the seller will receive system notification.

    These rules are for single sale only. Royalty-Free license photo sale rules are under development.

    Photo reselling is prohibited.