Financial Questions for Clients

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Financial Questions for Clients
  • How to pay the author for an exciding number of characters in the order?
    The co-payment option appears in the order acceptance form click on the Accept and pay button. In the window that opens, you can choose the method of co-payment: for the exceeded amount according to the assignment and an optional co-payment with any desired amount.
    Please note: when copaying, the recipient will be charged a 10% commission from the transferred by the client amount.
  • Are bank transfers possible?
    Yes, if youre a legal entity (individual entrepreneur or LLC). Fill out this form: and send the agreement for activation. After agreement activation, youll be able to raise invoices by yourself. Youll get the amount of your invoice minus a 6% fee.
  • I paid by direct payment via Internet Banking to a WebMoney purse. The moneys been withdrawn but I dont see it in my account.

    After confirming with Internet Banking, you get an email with a link that you need to follow to complete the payment. You can view all your unpaid invoices in your account in the payment system.
    In the login column Internet Banking login; email as indicated during the payment.

    Then apply for deposit funds.

  • Why are the funds on hold in my account?

    The funds may be on hold if:
    1. Youve selected the author for your order. The funds will be paid to the author in 3-4 hours after you accept and approve the order.
    2. Youve requested a payoff from the system.
    3. Youve bought an article so the funds will be on hold for 3-4 hours.

  • How can I top up my account?

    You need to go to the "Top up balance" section for this, in the personal account in the "Finance" widget, click on the button "+ Top up". Choose the payment method, a wallet (for WebMoney) or bank (for Internet banking) and enter the amount that you would like to transfer to your eTXT account. Click the "Next >" button, check the data and confirm the payment by clicking the "Pay >" button. After follow the instructions.

  • My bank transfer agreement has been activated. And how can we pay by bank transfer? I do not see this option.

    To create the bill for top up and pay it, you can in the section "Top-up the balance" as well. In the personal account in the "Finance" widget, click the "+ Top up" button and select "Cashless payments" from the list of payment methods.

  • How to top up the balance with a bank card?
    Log in to with your username and password. Go to the Top up balance section (personal account > "Finance >"+ Top up " widget) and select the payment method "Bank cards"
  • How to top up WMP balance?
    Log in to with your username and password. Go to the Top up balance section (personal account > "Finance" widget > "+ Top up"), select WebMoney and in the right part of the screen in the "Top up method" menu, specify the WMP currency.

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