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How to Work with an Order

Step 1. Monitor the order implementation

As soon as you accept an application from an author, the order status will change to "In Process". You can check the number of orders in process in the "Orders" widget and looking at the line "In Process". By clicking on the link, you will be redirected to a detailed list of current orders.

From here, you can move the order to another folder, add a note, create a copy, as well as delete the uniqueness requirement or change the orders due date.

Step 2. Accept or send the order for revision

When the author completes their work and submits its, the order status will change to Under checking. To check it, you can use the link specified in the system message or go to the "Orders" widget in the "Under checking" section.

In the Result order block, download the file or open the text in the preview window for verification.

If the text meets your expectations, click on the "Accept the Order" button. Write a comment to the author, leave the review and click on the Accept the Order button again.

Unfortunately, sometimes the work completed by the author does not meet the requirements of the assignment or the expected level of the authors qualifications or language skills. In these cases, you can send the order for revision.

After determining that the text needs to be refined, go to the order card and click the In Process button. In the text window, describe what exactly needs to be fixed or added. If necessary, you can attach a file highlighting defects. Be as specific as possible to help the author understand your expectations. Click the Send for revision button.

Extend the order due date

Sometimes situations arise when you want to extend the order due date. Deadlines must always be discussed with the author in personal messages on eTXT. To write the author, click on his nickname in the order card and select Write a message and a message window will be opened. To view all of your chats, click on the envelope icon in the header of the site, then click on the All Messages link.

To change the due date, go to the order card in the In Process section and click on the pencil icon next to the Due date. In the window that opens, specify the new deadline for the order and click "Save."

Remove the uniqueness requirement

In the course of work, it may become clear that checking the article for uniqueness in eTXT is not required. In this case, you can remove this condition.

In the Orders widget, open the order card. On the right side, click on the X next to eTXT Uniqueness to remove the requirement.

Duplicate an order

You can make a copy from any order created on eTXT. It is a convenient option if you need to place two or three similar orders. Alternatively, if you plan to duplicate an order more often, you make want to create a template.

Go to the card of any order. In the upper right corner of the card, click on copy icon. Set the deadline and time for delivery for the new order and click "Copy." The duplicated order will appear in your "Drafts". If necessary, edit the assignment, set new requirements according to the "How to place an order" instructions and post the order.

Reject an Order

In rare cases, you may have a bad experience with an incompetent author. In this case, eTXT rules allow the client to remove the author from the order.

You can remove the author if:

  • he has sent a fully copied (plagiarized) text
  • he has repeatedly loaded an empty document
  • the material contains a large number of gross errors that cannot reasonably be refined or reworked
  • the author refuses to modify the text, despite well-reasoned feedback that does not contradict the assignment
  • he has sent low quality text
  • he has not met the terms of assignment
  • the author has repeatedly sent low quality text after revisions, etc.

In these cases, you can remove the author from the order by contacting the Support Service. First copy the order permalink in the card by clicking on the chain icon in the upper left corner of the order card and click on the Copy button. Go to the "Feedback" page by clicking on the headset icon in the header of the site. Complete the form: enter your full name, select the subject Release the Order / Reject the Order, write the title and briefly describe the situation, inserting the previously copied link in the form.

After the cancellation is completed, the order will be moved to the "Drafts" section, and the blocked funds will be immediately returned to your account.

Expired Order Actions

If the author does not submit the work on time, the order status will change to Expired. In this case, the customer has three options: extend the deadline, cancel the order or find another author.

In the "Orders" widget, go to the "Expired" section, find the order and select the proper action.

When extending the order, enter the new due date.

When you select "Cancel the order" option, it automatically goes to the "Drafts" section, where you can edit the terms and conditions of the assignment, delete or post it again. Blocked funds will be immediately returned to your account.

If you select the Find another author option, you need to set a new due date and choose whether the order will be open for all eTXT authors to apply, available only to your whitelist / group, or if you want to select a specific author to complete the order..

After you extend the deadline or appoint a new author, the order status will change to In Process, and you can follow steps 1 and 2 of this instruction.