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How to Create an Assignment Template

In order to save time when placing the same types of orders, you can create a template.

reate an order according to the step-by-step How to place an order instructions. Click the In templates button at the end of the page. The system will prompt you to enter a name for the template and select a group. Click the Save button.

The template is ready. Now when creating a new order, click on "Last Templates" or "All Templates" field and select the desired template. Saved values from the template will be added to the required fields. Just make the necessary updates for the current job and post the order.

Templates Management

To organize your templates into groups, click on the All Templates link at the top of the order page. Click on the Create a Group button, enter a name for the group and save. You can build any structure by adding new groups and putting groups within groups.

To link a new template to a group, drag the name of the template to the desired group on the left side of the window.