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How to Place an Order

Step 1. Preparation

Formulate the assignment in advance. Research keywords for SEO copywriting.

Step 2. Add the order

Log in to the system and go to your personal account. In the "Orders" widget, click on the "Place an order" button.

Complete the fields:

  1. Order name.
  2. Topic category.
  3. Type of work: copywriting, rewriting, proofreading, SEO copywriting or translation.
  4. Type of text: selling, informational, news, email newsletter, etc.
  5. Uniqueness requirements, as a percent: during order acceptance, the system will automatically determine the level of uniqueness. If it is less than 10% unique, the order will automatically be sent for revision.
  6. Project folder: if necessary, create a folder and select it.
  7. Order description: describe the requirements for the text, so the freelancer understands your expectations.
  8. If necessary, upload a file with the original text.

Define the order requirements.

Set the deadline for the text. The minimum deadline is 2 hours, and the maximum is 90 days.

Indicate the desired number of characters in the Character number field. If necessary, check the box next to Auto-rejection if the article length is less than 90% of the specified length. If this box is checked, the system will only accept the text if it is more than 90% of the specified length). You can also specify if you want the system to count spaces in the character count.

Specify the complexity of the work. Please note the system can automatically change the complexity depending on the specified price. The prices for each skill level are listed below.

By checking Only authors with the specified skill level are able to submit applications, you will be limit the authors that are able to apply based on the complexity you specified. For instance, you can block beginners who have not yet confirmed their qualifications.

Fill in the Price you are willing to pay. You can specify the price per 1000 characters and for the whole order. Select the desired option.

If you have chosen a price per 1000 characters, click on the Calculate the price link to get the price for the whole order.

Recommended prices are automatically adjusted depending on the authors skill level and the type of work (copywriting, rewriting, etc.). For example, minimum prices for rewriting are as follows:

  • Without qualification $1-5 per 1000 characters
  • Bachelors Degree $5 -8 per 1000 characters
  • Masters Degree $9-15 per 1000 characters
  • Content Doctor $17-25 per 1000 characters

The system automatically limits access to authors of a particular skill level depending on the price you specify. For example, if you select Bachelors Degree in the Work Complexity field and $20 per 1000 characters for the price, the system will automatically change the work complexity to "Content Doctor. In addition, only freelancers that are qualified with a Content Doctor skill level will be eligible to apply.

If this restriction is not required, you can:

  1. Use additional order options. For example, place an individual order where the work complexity is not taken into account.
  2. Uncheck the box "Only authors with the specified skill level can submit applications.

For additional information about how to create an individual order and additional order options, you can find details on the instruction page.

At this point, you can finish the order posting. Click the Post the Order button to make it available for authors to view.

A translation order

Complete all the fields according to the instructions above. In the "Type of work" drop-down menu, select "Translation", the source language and the language you want the text to be translated to. You can translate to English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and more.

An SEO copywriting order

Complete all the fields according to the instructions above. In the "Type of work" drop-down menu, select "SEO Copywriting". Insert keywords in the appropriate field, separated by commas. If you want to establish the frequency of the key words in the text, add a colon and the number of uses, without spaces. For example: "copywriting:2".

Step 3. Choose an author and accept an application

After your order is posted, authors can submit applications. The system will notify you when you receive an application. Follow the link from the system message, and you can accept or reject the applications. For more information on messages, click on the bell icon in the header of the site to see the "System Messages" section.

Orders will also appear in the Orders widget in the corresponding section. Click on the number of applications and choose the "Applications and Comments" link to open the order card. From the "Applications and Comments" tab, click on the "Accept Application" button. The order status will automatically change to "In progress".

As a client, your work is not done yet. You will review the text when it is completed. Depending on the quality of the text you receive, you can accept the order or send it back for revision. You can also extend the deadline or remove the author from the order if he is incompetent and cannot meet the assignments requirements.

Learn more in the "How to work with the order" Instructions.