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Additional Features When Creating Orders

Individual order

If you want to assign an order directly to an eTXT freelancer without posting for applications, you can create an individual order. All you need is a technical task, the authors login and a pre-replenished account.

To get started, go to the Place an order page step 2 instructions.

Open the "Additional opportunities" block at the end of the form. Select "Individual order" in the "Order access" field. In the Order for field, enter the authors name and click on the magnifying glass icon to search. The authors name will be added automatically to the "Confirm the author" field below. Choose the option Search in WL to search from freelancers in your whitelist.

Click the Place the order button, and the order has been successfully placed.

Placing an order for copywriters on your white list

You can create your own whitelist of eTXT authors. Just left-click on the users login and click on Add to the whitelist.

You can go to the whitelist from the left navigation bar: "Orders" > "Black and White Lists". The Whitelist tab is selected by default at the bottom of the section.

The notifications sending function of the white list.

You can also create groups and add, move, or delete authors from groups by going to the notifications sending function of the white list.

To place an order for authors from your whitelist to apply, follow steps 1-2 of the instruction "How to place an order". Open the "Additional opportunities" section. In the "Order access" field, select "Available for the whitelist". This way only freelancers on your whitelist will see the job posting.

Auto accept applications

When you do not have time to select authors (for example, if you have placed multiple orders), you can use the "Auto accepting" function. It allows you to automatically accept an application from the first author that meets your criteria. You just indicate the parameters for the authors selection: rating, number of negative and positive reviews, and level of skill.

To place an order with auto-acceptance, follow steps 1-2 of the "How to place order" instruction. At the bottom of the order form, expand the Additional options block and check the box Auto accept applications. Fill in the desired freelancer criteria and publish the order.


If you need several texts for the same assignment, place a multi-order. This function allows you to accept applications from several authors for multiple texts within the same order. For example, maybe you want to post multiple unique articles of similar content on different websites. It may be difficult for one author to generate multiple unique texts on the same topic in a short amount of time. By creating a multi-order, you can accept applications from several authors and get a number of unique texts on your desired topic in a timely fashion.

To place a multi-order, follow steps 1-2 of the How to place an order" instruction. At the bottom of the page, expand the "Advanced Options" block and check the "Multi-order for multiple authors" box. Indicate the required number of jobs. To receive texts from different authors, select One order per author. Post your order.

Rush order

If you are in a rush and not able to wait 48 hours to receive your order, place a rush order. Follow all the steps specified in the "How to place an order" instructions. To receive Rush order status, enter a due date between 2 to 48 hours, and rush order charges will automatically apply.

Comparison of the standard and rush order

ParametersRush orderStandard order
minimum due date2 hours48 hours
maximum time for corrections3 hours3 days
maximum checking period5 hours5 days

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