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How to Place an Order with Online Placement

Sometimes you need more than just a unique text. eTXT can save you time and hassle by posting it on the Internet for you: websites, social networks, etc.

Step 1. Place an order

Follow steps 12 in the How to place an order" instructions.

Expand the "Additional Options" block and check the box Place the ordered text on a site as specified by the author.

Step 2. We work with a variety of applications

Follow step 3 as specified in the "How to place an order" instructions.

After the order is posted, authors can submit to up to three websites or apps. In the Orders widget, go to the Applications section, then click on the Applications and Comments link in the order card. Check the box for each desired site, and click the "Accept Application" button.

The order will change status to In progress and you can follow the How to work with an order" instructions.