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Managing Orders Using XML-files

You can use XML files to batch your work. It is convenient when you need to place multiple orders at once or when the Internet is intermittent. In this case, you can prepare the files offline and upload them to eTXT afterwards.

To create new orders using XML files, go to the order placement form: Orders widget > Create order. On the order placement page, click on the link Upload XML-package of orders.

Select the project folder, specify the XML file to upload and click the "Upload" button.

Your orders will be placed in the system.


Managing orders using XML files is only available for eTXT clients with a rating of 100 or more.

File Format and Filling Fields

The file structure must match the template: "Orders" widget > "Create order" > "Upload XML-package of orders" > "XML-file Format".

FieldDesignation, filling details
title Order name
id_type Order type integer: 1 copywriting, 2 rewriting, 3 translation (language is not specified), 4 SEO-copywriting (keywords are not specified)
description Order description
text Order text. Optional field.
deadline Completion date in the format (for example, 31.01.2011), not more than 90 days
timeline Completion time in the format hh:mm (for example, 12:14), optional field; by default, 23:59 is the completion time
price The price for the order per 1000 characters, rounded numbers up to 2 characters after the point, for example, 14.50
price_type 1 for 1000 characters, 2 for the order
whitespaces 0 without spaces (by default), 1 with spaces,optional field
size The number of characters, optional field
uniq Required order uniqueness, integer in the range 5100, optional field
public 1 publishing, 0 not publishing
auto_work 1 auto acceptance, 0 without auto acceptance (by default), optional field
auto_rate Minimum rating for auto acceptance, integer, optional field
auto_level Skill level according to the type of work, integer 1-3, optional field
auto_reports The minimal number of positive reviews for auto acceptance, integer, optional field
auto_reports_n The maximum number of negative reviews for auto acceptance, integer, optional field
only_stars 1 accounting of the users qualification, 0 ignore (by default), optional field
multicount The number of multi orders, optional field
multione 1 to set the limit one multi order - for one author", 0 without limit (by default)
user Authors login for an individual order, optional field
whitelist 1 if the order is only for whitelist freelancers, optional field
group_name The group name for the whitelist, for which the order is available (the limit of whitelist=1 is required), optional field
checksize 1 if its required to set the minimum size limit in 90% from the required size
category The exact name of the thematic category, optional field