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1. SMS-Informing

How not to miss an important notice on eTXT? You just need to be connected to SMS informing. Thus messages containing the information on your balance, orders' and articles' status, application withdrawals, comments, etc. will be immediately sent to you.

You can activate SMS notifications and learn more about options in the Notification settings section in your personal account.

2. Statement

If you urgently need authors to work on a project or you are a new one on eTXT and want to make a statement, you can place an ad that will be displayed on all pages of your account.

The rules for publishing ads can be found in the "My Announcements" section. If you want your announcement to be displayed among the first ones, you can choose to move it to the top the number of elevations is not limited. The cost of publishing and raising ads is 10 rubles.

3. Raising Order

In order to attract attention to your order as many clients as possible, you can pin it above the general list of orders. Authors see the last 6 orders that customers have added to the fixed, on each page of all the assignments.

To activate this service, click the "Raise Order" button in a published order. The cost of this service is 100 rubles or 100 promo points.

4. Autorecognition Captcha Through

To use the automatic captcha recognition service, open the eTXT Uniqueness Checking program, go to the Settings / Others section. Check the box next to "Use". The key that the program asks for is available on the Funds for using the option receives the recognition service itself.

5. Project Management

The Project Folders section will help you to sort all available orders in the way you are comfortable. Each folder can be devoted to a particular topic, the work of one author, etc. In this section you can calculate the costs of the project, taking into account those orders that are already in the archive.

6. Content Export

This function will help you quickly receive texts on all orders, including articles in the Archive, by e-mail or download them in one archive directly on eTXT, it is not necessary to open several sections and download texts one by one. You can export both orders and purchased ready-made articles. You can upload orders by files in the archive or in XML format.

To upload texts, go to the "Content Export" personal account section, select the required unloading options and click the Order Export button.

7. Quick Moving From One Page To Another

When you look through the list of orders/ready-made articles search results, to move from one page to another use Ctrl + "left-right arrows to navigate pages. If you have not navigated through the pages in this way before, refresh the page using the Ctrl + F5 key combination before use.

8. Proofreader Services

Copywriting exchange floor offers proofreading services. Articles are checked by eTXT employees with a philological education. Proofreading service includes spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. Due dates of checking you can choose yourself. The cost of checking and editing is 7$ for 1000 characters with spaces.

9. Text Comparison

To assess how unique or similar articles are in the content, you can compare two texts on eTXT. To do this, go to the "Text Comparison" section in your personal account, add articles or their fragments to the "First Text" and "Second Text" fields and click on the "Compare Texts" button.

The system will show the percentage of the text uniqueness, and repeated words and sentences will be highlighted in yellow.

10. Article Submission System

The system of placing articles on third-party resources through the eTXT Content Platform is a simple and inexpensive way to get quality links from external sites.

Publication of articles on third-party sites helps in SEO and promotion your site, also allows you to raise in the search results, attracts the attention of readers and win their trust.

The price of publication depends on the site quality indicator (SQI) where you would like to place the article. You can choose a site and learn more about the service on the Article Submission System page.

11. Personal Lists: White and Black

The function of adding users to personal lists helps to filter responsible and unscrupulous participants of eTXT. If you had a bad experience with a particular customer or author, and you have decided to interrupt a work with him, you can add this user to the blacklist. In this case, you will not receive individual tasks from him and you will not see applications for your order.

Adding to the white list allows you to see and receive applications only from users that you have added to this list earlier.

12. Rating Of Popular Categories

We keep open statistics of added and sold texts of different categories in the Article Shop and images hosted in the Photo Stock. Statistic of articles and photos for the past month is published in the "Category Rating" section. Here you can find information about the average price in the category. This will help copywriters to navigate prices when placing an article in the Shop, customers when placing an order, photographers when adding images to eTXT photo stock.