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When you purchase ready-made articles you save your time, that’s the main advantage. No need to submit the order and wait a few days when the copywriter writes the article according to your assignment. You can buy a unique content within minutes on eTXT Content Platform.

The ready-made article store is attractive both for a client and for an author.

Here copywriters can add ready-made articles for sale by setting a work price on their own.

6 Reasons to Buy a Ready-Made Article on eTXT
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As visitors attitude, as positions in search engines results depend on the quality and uniqueness of the site content. Hence, it is very important to fill the site with available, succinct and convincing information.

Are you a site owner, webmaster or blogger? Our Articles store contains high-quality, confirmed texts to place on any subject resources.
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Selling ready-made articles is an additional source of income for a copywriter. You do not have to write articles according to assignments at minimum rates. You can write a content on interesting topics, set your price and put them for sale through your Account.

Use your capacity to make the most of it and sell your labour at a decent price!
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