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Writing For Money

writing for money

A career as a web writer can bring significant monetary gains, as long as you find the right clients.

They say that when you choose a profession you like, you never have to work in life again, right? And there's more to it than being happy on a Monday without that bad feeling that the hours will be tiring and long?

When you perform a task for which you are passionate, the obligation becomes a form of personal fulfillment. As a consequence, your productivity increases without stress.

Hence the importance for writers of writing articles on the subjects in which they show the most interest and affinity.

In this post, you will learn how to earn money by writing about the subjects you like and in which you feel pleasure in specializing, to improve more and more. Keep up:

1. Identify your interests

Before you put your hand to work, you need to define what you want to do very clearly. Think about the issues that interest you personally. But watch out! At this point, it is essential to be aware that interest is not synonymous with affinity or attraction to money. Choose what you like, and will give you pleasure.

Since this process can take time, take the opportunity to observe what subjects you usually read in your free time, what sites or authors inspire you, what kind of content keeps you static in front of books or screens.

At this time, it is essential to ask yourself: what do you do well? What traits of your personality justify your tastes? If money weren't necessary, what would you do for the rest of your life?

If the motivation for your choice is financial, it is unlikely that you will end up following your passion and doing what you love. Remember that when you do a good job, with passion and effort, recognition can appear like a good reward.

2. Read all about it

A writer who doesn't like to read is like a chef who doesn't want to cook. Even if the theme of your books has nothing to do with the content you write, you must develop the habit of reading at least ten pages a day.

To make money writing, you need flexibility. Even if you only work with a fixed niche, your general knowledge and vocabulary must be broad, your creativity must be good, and you're always inspired by content as good as you want your writing to be.

Therefore, don't dispense with the help of renowned authors of literature and non-fiction to produce more and more quality.

3. Start your blog

Although this trajectory is complicated, writing blog posts is not a bad idea for beginners. The site can give you a good portfolio and help you create a writing habit. Plus, you can have fun while making friends and winning readers.

You can write about literally any topic you like and vary the subjects according to your taste or the demand of your followers. As your audience's exposure and engagement grow, you can already think of profitable options.

One of the best-known ways to make money through your blog is sponsorship, but you don't have to wait for your content to be discovered by someone famous. Other alternatives include membership programs (where you make sales referrals to partner companies) or ad serving through Google AdSense.

4. Publish an ebook

If you are already intimate with self-publishing, the options are endless. You can invest in a physical book, audiobook, publish articles, etc. However, if all this is still too new for you, e-books are the best option, as they involve fewer complications and bureaucracy when publishing.

For this, find a subject that you master and like. Within this niche, try to solve any issue that is relevant to your audience on that subject or just give your thoughts freedom to flow on paper (or better, on the computer screen).

Several online platforms, such as Kindle direct publishing and Kobo, help in the process of publishing and selling your work quickly, without you having to pay for it.

writing for money

5. Be a freelance writer

Content marketing is a business trend that has come to stay, where many specialized agencies rely on the help of freelance content producers to develop strategic texts.

In this context, these freelance professionals can work online at any time and place through specialized platforms. Some of them, such as Upwork, allow the user to choose the topics they want to write about, from categories such as fashion, design, health, sports, and many other alternatives.

In this way, you can earn money by writing only about the subjects that interest you. Moreover, you can still count on free training provided by the company to guarantee you a certification in content production and add value to your curriculum.

6. Invest in the right online presence

Your popularity can determine the success of a book, post, or content you have published on the web. The reason is simple: Internet users tend to access the content of someone they already know and are less likely to be interested in the text of someone they have never heard of.

So, spread your image and your work until you can no longer. Visit forums and social networking groups, answer questions, share relevant content, interact with those you don't know, and always try to evolve within your area of expertise.

There are several ways to show yourself available and communicate with those who follow your publications. The important thing is not to underestimate the power of social selling to conquer new opportunities.

7. Contact the media outlets you like

If you are familiar with everything that's posted on a blog or website, and you think your article goes well with a particular magazine, or you admire a newspaper that explores topics you're interested in, why not look for opportunities to make money writing for them?

Don't be ashamed to contact these media and present yourself as a freelance writer. If you like, you can still show your portfolio, resume, or a small sample of some content that might please the editors.

Even if these websites have not announced that they are looking for collaborators, the chances of closing a partnership will be high if the publishing team values the style of their writing and quality of their content.

8. Write and rewrite every day

Good writing is like strengthening a muscle. You will only master this skill with constant training. So don't mind too much whether your content is "publishable" or not, just focus on the fact that you can only learn to write in practice.

Start practicing little by little and ask for feedback from friends, readers, or co-workers about the level of engagement of your materials. Over time, you will learn to measure the quality and relevance of your content, discover your strengths, and improve the weaknesses.

Do the math: if you write at least 1000 words that make up quality content every day, you'll be able to put together an ebook every two months. Just imagine what your reputation as a writer would be like if you published it that often. Probably a lot of people would be familiar with your name, right?

Also, don't forget that rewriting is part of that process. It's fundamental to see your work as an artistic sculpture, which needs to be shaped and restructured in detail so that it can be finalized and disseminated as good work.

It is with this perfectionist thinking that you will learn how essential revisions are to ensure the quality of your productions.

9. Don't be afraid to fail

Although slips, mistakes, and failures are part of the process of making money by doing what you like, you need to get your mind off these worries. Even if something terrible happens, you know you should get up and learn from the fall.

So try to get over your fear of taking risks and have the confidence to believe in your success. By directing your energies only to the effort of doing a good job, the chances of achieving your own goals will undoubtedly be higher.

Finally, it is essential to keep in mind that making money by writing only about what you like is the dream of many, although this reality is not very easy to achieve. Therefore, besides following these tips, you must have a lot of perseverance and optimism, bearing in mind that even happiness has a price that is worth paying.

writing for money

Advantages of making online as a writer

Making money working from home has numerous benefits than you could imagine:

  • Reduced expenses on meals

Working from home gives you the chance to be more flexible as far as time management is concerned. For instance, instead of buying lunch and dinner, you can make your food, hence cutting on expenses significantly! And to top it all up, you'll be improving your cooking skills, and you may have a new skill to make a living out of!

  • Less fuel and clothing expenses

Working from home can end up being an expense-free career path for you. You don't need to dress up for work every day. A pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt can do the trick. Also, you do not have to move around a lot to work and back — so fewer fuel expenses.

  • Lower car insurance

Not having to commute daily to the office means lower annual miles on your car. This can enable you to get a better and more affordable deal on your car insurance. And you can channel the money towards fulfilling other projects.

  • No crowds and traffic

The hustle and bustle of the city may not be for everyone. The traffic and crowded streets to-and-fro work can ruin your day. Something quite uncommon if you'd decide to earn cash from home.

  • More time to yourself and loved ones

Having a flexible time will allow you to grow yourself and enjoy personal time, which can lead to more creativity and increased positivity. It'll also allow you to have quality time for your family and loved ones. No more missing that recital or favorite baseball game you'd like to watch!

As much as working from home can be your dream, it requires you to be continuously focused, self-motivated, and disciplined. Always set a deadline for yourself, have a to-do list, and set targets. And just like that, you are the king of making money at home for free. Good luck as you make money now from home!


Do you have a good pen and enjoy reading and writing? Don't be afraid to take the plunge! Several agencies accept beginners. Well, there are also platforms where you can start your freelance writing journey.

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