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How To Write White Papers

If youve ever wanted to know how to advertise to potential customers the hard sell then youve come to the right place. So how can you possibly advertise to anyone without blatantly asking? The answer is writing white papers. What if you arent particularly interested in subtly advertising, but you do want to make sure theyre well informed about your industry? Writing a white paper can help with that too! Lets learn about how to write a white paper and what is a white paper in marketing for business needs.

how to write white papers

What is the White Papers Definition?

Before we teach you how to create a white paper, you need to have a good understanding of what white papers are. White papers are centered around a certain topic that has problems that need to be better understood by an audience and solved by the companys services. Youll often see references to research in the form of graphs and statistics in the article with an authoritative tone. Similar to an Ebook, a white paper is more in-depth than your regular blog post and needs more research done than the Ebook. The length can be anywhere between 1,000 to 10,000 words.

What Is A White Paper In Business Role?

White papers have many benefits for a business and play an important role in educating consumers. The white papers purpose is to intrigue the readers attention to a problem in the industry. It showcases the companys expertise in the matter, and the solutions it can provide. Its different than a sales pitch because its not directly trying to sell the companys product or services, but the entity itself.

Another place that writing white papers have in a business is the ability to use SEO marketing. Just as you would in a blog or social media post, the use of inbound links will drive traffic to the company website, and give you credibility with Google by also having a decent amount of outbound links. Using white papers as a tool for SEO marketing will increase the buzz about your company while providing potential customers with the information they need about your niche.

The companys white paper can be the last method of converting the reader into a loyal, paying customer. Its the final chance for you to hold the consumers attention long enough to inform them why they need the product, service or can relate to what your company stands for before making the decision to buy. You also have another advantage in this scenario. This is your businesss last time to collect valuable information about consumers just in case they dont make a purchase. Many businesses will make it a requirement for whoever is accessing their white papers to fill out a form with their demographics, profession, and industry theyre in. Obtaining this information is great for the company to use later on.

how to write white papers

Are There Different Types Of White Papers?

To keep it short and simple, yes there are many types of white papers you can write. The overall goal for the variations that can be written is to give the illusion that the company has in-depth knowledge of the subject being discussed. Ill provide the most common marketing white paper examples that are written by businesses who want to make sure they are seen as an authoritative source.

The first type is the backgrounder. This type of white paper dives deep into explaining the details of the company products, services, or their methodology. We think of these as the reel and hook. It grabs the readers attention then hooks them into the soft sell.

A second type is a problem-solution approach. When writing this white paper, the company will focus on walking the customer through the solution to the problem the industry is having. These white papers arent so centered around the company, but about general yet specific topics that the reader needs to be educated on. While other white papers are statistics heavy and are based on the condition of an industry or field.

Do You Want To Know How To Write White Papers?

Learning how to write a technical white paper is imperative for any business. As weve seen, it helps with your SEO marketing, sales, and makes your company an authoritative figure in your industry.

The white paper format sets the stage of getting the readers attention. Thats because of the majority of people like the look of graphics alongside the editorial structure. Making the graphs or statistics visually appealing will be another factor that can elevate the look of the white paper and break down the content into more digestible chunks. Since white papers are lengthy, there is room to lose readers if your narrative and the look of it is not imploring.

Once youve defined your audience and done extensive research on the topic your writing about then its time to start writing a white paper. When writing white papers you want to make sure you give a brief overview at the beginning of the technical paper so the audience knows what to expect. This is also known as abstract.

how to write white papers

After that, youll want to explain and let the audience know what the problem is. The problem statement needs to be illustrated clearly and if it is effective, the audience will have a definite understanding. Next the background is provided to give a better understanding of the problem and the research done in detail. Finally, youll provide a solution thats formed from the background you provided. The conclusion of white papers is made up of a summary of the major points, and recommendations for the solution. Lastly, provide all of your references.

You should now have a better idea of whats a white paper, and how to write a white paper. This technical paper is a great way to connect with your audience and turn them into customers. Its a soft sell that really makes a difference. You can learn more about white papers on

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