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How Content Editing Improves Behavioral Factors

Improving content in real time plays an important role in increasing visitor engagement and enhancing behavioral characteristics. It is simple and effective: you quickly make changes to the article, which allows you to keep your users and reduce the bounce rate. At the same time, publications can be improved in any form, regardless of the target audience and the topics of materials.

In this article, we will talk about ways to improve the content, the main tools of editorial analytics and will give recommendations on how to improve publications. The article will be useful for anyone working with content.

content editing

Improving publications as the work of a director

While film director works with frames, you will manage the content using a computer monitor. You need to place the articles according to the needs of website visitors so that each user wants to read the material to the end, and not to close the page immediately after becoming acquainted with the first lines.

Systematic work with content makes it possible to solve the following tasks:

Determine the behavioral characteristics. Using the tools of editorial analytics, you will see how the target audience perceives new formats and ways of presenting the information. Due to this, you will learn which topics are really popular and cause an emotional response.

Work at the quality of the content and do everything to improve it. Depending on the reaction of readers, you can change the sequence of text blocks and images, optimize the editorial policy.

Make the information relevant. There may appear new details and revolutionary discoveries in the topic, this is why you can add new images and facts to the article, delete outdated information on time. Work on internal interlinking. You can write a new article and add to it links to old posts with the most views. Due to this, the visitors will be able to read more articles, will want to stay on the website, which is beneficial for you. As a result of competently conducted internal linking, website promotion will become more effective.

Correct semantic, spelling and stylistic errors. Oftentimes can happen that you see errors after the publication of the material. You have the opportunity to quickly make corrections and keep the readers who appreciate not only interesting but also a correct expression of thoughts.

It is difficult to predict if the users will view the improved content, but you can draw conclusions after studying the statistics of your website.

Modern tools provide information on the extent and timing of reader involvement, their movement on the page, points they ignore or pay attention to. If your initial predictions were wrong, you can always make changes to the article. Here are some data that will be useful to you:

  • scroll tracking (the number of page views from beginning to end);
  • the engagement indicator makes it clear how the user studies the texts - by reading superficially or as carefully as possible;
  • heat map is a tool that highlights the points that are most interesting to visitors.

content editing

What content should I pay attention to?

It is necessary to work on articles with high traffic and low scrolling parameters. If the visitors start to read the material, it means that they expect to find in it the answer to their question. The user does not read the article to the end, because it does not contain useful information, or it is placed very far.

If the audience rarely visits the page with the article, you should not spend time and money in order to increase the number of full views. If you work on a text that is not interesting to people from the very beginning, it will not influence the website traffic as a whole. It is better to spend this time writing really interesting articles.

It is also necessary to take into account the possibilities of the admin panel: it should be convenient and simple enough so that you do not have to spend half a day to make some simple corrections.

How to improve the content?

Make sure that the heading matches the main text

In order to attract attention, very often one phrase is used in the heading, and the material itself contradicts it. Starting to read such an article, the user will feel annoyed and frustrated, and they will certainly leave the page.

Change the subtitles

In an ideal article, the subtitles fully correspond to the written text, the material should be a logical continuation of the catchy title.

Work on the interface for comfortable perception

When we look at the monitor, we look at the whole screen. Too big blocks with a subscribe proposal, a text surrounded by numerous blinking banners, other external elements - all this distracts reader`s attention and makes you refuse to read even an interesting article. If you want to provide readers with useful and relevant content, do not put redundant text blocks on the page, leave only the most necessary.

content editing

Pay attention to the design of the material

The textual information and pictures which are correctly located attract the reader's attention, making him move his eyes down the page. Your text should be structured and divided into logical paragraphs, complemented by bright photos and interesting short videos, charts, and graphs (if relevant for this topic).

It is recommended to focus on quotations and key concepts using tools such as italics or bold fonts, frames, indentation, etc.

Reduce the watery content

Get rid of unnecessary words that do not carry the semantic load. SEO experts distinguish concepts such as water content and stop words. Reread the article, remove all unnecessary synonyms and introductory words that are useless. In some places, you can also remove prepositions and particles (no need to get rid of them completely, just make the text more laconic and concise). If the text has no meaning at all, you will need to write it again and add to it informative facts, interesting and useful information.

You can check the water content and the presence of stop words using special tools (for example, Such services help to write “clean” text that matches the visitor’s search requests.

Check Formats

You can spend many hours composing complex graphs and diagrams, but the reader will be bored to study them. In some cases, the user only needs to see the conclusions from the review in order to understand if the product is suitable for him. Therefore, it is better to omit technical details.

If a visitor reads articles in public transport or in the office, it will hardly be convenient for him to watch the video, so it will be appropriate to leave only textual information.

content editing


Improving publications represents changing the content after analyzing the behavioral factors.

With the help of special services, you can determine the most effective ways to attract the attention of readers and problematic points in your article. Before making edits, make sure of the following:

  • logical correspondence between heading and text;
  • the informative value of the subtitles;
  • absence of details that distract from reading;
  • the presence of attractive visual accents;
  • absence of stop words and normal indicators of the water content;
  • conformity to your target audience format.

Regular analysis and work on improving the content will help increase traffic and attract regular readers.

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