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How Do Clients Top Up Their Balance?

Individuals top up their balance on the site: If you have already registered on, you can sign into with the same credentials.

Step 1. Go to the top up balance form

Go to your personal account. In the "Finances" widget, click on the "Top up" button, and you will see the "Top up balance" section.

Step 2. Choose a payment method and indicate the amount

In the left side of the page, select the top up balance method, specify the currency (for WebMoney) or your bank (“Internet banking”), and then indicate the amount of payment. If desired, check the box “Include 5% eTXT commission”. In this case, the 5% eTXT commission will be added to the “net” payment amount.

Press "Next". Once again check the correct amount to be credited to your account. If everything is correct, click "Pay".

Step 3. Payment

The system will redirect you to the selected payment method. Follow the system instructions. You will receive a system message as soon as the money is transferred to your balance. The available amount will also be indicated in the first line of the "Finances" widget. All funds movements in your personal account can be checked in the "Account statement" section.