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Account Security

To protect your account from fraudulent activities (hacking, withdrawing funds from a personal account, etc.), we recommend setting SMS authorization when entering your personal account. This service is free.

How to set an authorization using Google Authenticator

You can receive codes to sign in to your account without connecting to the Internet or mobile network with the help of the Google Authenticator app.

Install the app on your phone from official sources like Go to the "Account Settings" section, the "Security" tab.

In the "Account Security" section, select the Google Authenticator authorization method and click the checkbox "Google Authenticator is active".

In the window that appears, scan the QR code using the Google Authenticator app, or enter the setup key (your secret code) manually into the app.

After adding an account to Google Authenticator, a confirmation code will appear on the screen, enter it in the appropriate field on eTXT and click the "Enable" button.


Done! Now, every time you log in to eTXT, you will need to enter a confirmation code from the application that is installed on your phone.

How to set up authorization using SMS

When SMS authorization is connected, the system will request a password from the SMS message every time the IP address is changed. In this case, when trying to log into your account from the other computer * scammers will not be able to authenticate.

* When authorizing from dynamic IP addresses or via a mobile network, SMS authorization will occur every time you log in to your account.

SMS authorization is connected in two steps:

  1. Linking a phone number to the eTXT account.
  2. SMS authorization connection.

Step 1. Bind the phone number

  1. Go to the "Profile Settings" page - in the "Account" main widget, click on the "Account Settings" link or click on a nickname.
  2. Go to the Security tab, in the Phone number linking section, specify its number, then click on the Send SMS Code button - you will get a verification code.


Step 2. SMS authorization

After confirming the mobile number on the right side of the"Phone number linking"section, two settings will be available for selection. To connect SMS-authorization, select "Only when changing IP", to disable it - select "Off".

Optional: the security question set

In the section below, for the added security of your account, set a verification question and enter the answer. It is important to choose a question that you will not forget for sure.

A verification question is necessary in case of suspicious account activity so that we could identify you and distinguish you from scammers.

After setting all the preferences, click the "Save" button at the end of the page.

We wish you good luck on eTXT!