is a unique content writing service for those who need to populate their websites, magazines, and blogs with high-quality content, as well as for freelance writers, who are skilled at creating excellent texts and want to earn extra money by writing articles..

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  • 300 thousand ready-made texts
  • Money back guarantee in case of buying a low-quality item
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commission for the ETXT mediation:
5% from the client, 5% from the author
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  • Minimum price for 1000 characters is $0.3
  • Minimum order completion time is 2 hours
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  • More than 300 thousand photos and images
  • Uniqueness is 100% guaranteed

Content Writing Service eTXT

Content writing service
Unique articles
Clients can order texts on any topic they need. Authors can choose the task on any topic they are interested in.
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If you are a website owner, you are surely need a professional author who can rewrite existing articles to deliver a grammatically correct, clear and precise work and make it unique for search engines.
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On eTXT, translators can always choose a task on any subject from any language. Clients can find skillful professional authors for their orders.
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Content shop
Large Photo and Image Database. Fill your website with unique, high-quality photos and images. Photo content uniqueness is guaranteed by eTXT. You can easily search a variety of categories in our large database. If you want, you can even purchase with one click!
Unique Articles Catalogue. Save time by purchasing unique articles that are ready to publish. You can search, browse, and buy exclusive content within minutes!
Work with texts
Even the most skilled authors have their text proofread and edited. A skilled proofreader will bring the text to literary perfection.
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eTXT Antiplagiarism
Text uniqueness is one of the key requirements of the search engines. All texts sent to eTXT are being checked for uniqueness automatically by our own program.
Ready articles catalogue
It is easy to buy unique content in 2 clicks. eTXT search form is easy to use, and we have a catalogue of 280 subjects. Find a ready to publish article in 30 seconds!
Purchase within minutes
Purchase within minutes
Reasonable price
Reasonable price
We guarantee that the funds will be released back in case of refusal
We guarantee that the funds will be released back in case of refusal
Articles autochecking/Checking by moderator
Articles autochecking/Checking by moderator
Copywriter jobs
Articles writing
as assigned by the client
Choose an order and write an article according to the client's requirements
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texts market
Add an article to
the Article shop
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eTXT Plagiarism Checker has released a new version!
Antiplagiarism changes are the following:
- New option "Extra / Extensions..." is added in menu. Enabling "cef" extension, Windows Vista users will be able to solve google recaptcha manually (before it was possible only under Windows 7 and higher versions)
- Interaction with Yandex, Google, Rambler, Yahoo is optimized
- Photo checking is optimized
- Fixed bugs
Plagiarism checker
Plagiarism checker
We have analyzed advantages and disadvantages of some online check uniqueness services. We have created our own program to help you ensure the uniqueness of your text.
More than 1000 organizations work with us
Thouthands of copywriters have already found additional source of revenue
Our advantages
Internal uniqueness checking system
uniqueness checking system
All texts sent in orders are checked by eTXT internal uniqueness checking program.
Text proofreading service
Proofreading Service
Find a skilled proofreader to make your article perfect.
Order in 2 hours
Text on Assignment
within 2 Hours
"Urgent orders" - You can get a unique article within 2 hours.
Ready to publish text in 2 clicks
Unique text
in 2 clicks
If you need content immediately, just choose a completed article in the "eTXT Article Store". / Rewriting
Aspiring Writers!

Are you a good rewriter, but cannot find a job? Our service can help you! On eTXT you can find job postings for rewriting articles on a variety of subjects. No need to waste your time and money looking for a job - all opportunities are collected in one place on eTXT. You will not be bored – there are plenty of opportunities.

Many websites require article rewriting. For example, information sites need news rewriting every day.

All you have to do is register on eTXT as an author. After registration, the list of job postings for rewriting will be available for your review. Look through the postings and apply for the jobs that interest you. If a client accepts your application, you will receive a message through the eTXT system with information about the contract, and, you may start working on the job.

Upon completion, send the rewritten text to the client for their review. If the they are satisfied with the quality, they will accept the work, and funds will be automatically withdrawn from the client's system account to your balance. Your financial safety is our concern! Never start working on a job until the client has awarded you the contract. While working with the job, always communicate with the client via eTXT personal chat messages to ensure proper documentation.

For Client:

Why would I hire a rewriter instead of a copywriter? Rewriting is less expensive because it is not as labor intensive and time consuming as copywriting. In rewriting, the writer is not required to be an expert in the given topic, so you have a significantly larger circle of qualified writers.

To post a job for rewriting, you need to register on eTXT as a client and top up your system account to pay for the order. After that, create your job posting and add the text for rewriting. You will not have to search for the text rewriter - the writer will find your posting and apply for it. You review the applicants and choose the one you like by accepting his or her application. When the writer completes the job, you can review their work. If you are satisfied with the quality, you accept the order and funds will be automatically withdrawn from your system account to the writer's balance. / Translations
For Translators:

You are a translator, but have a hard time finding clients and jobs? Do you want to manage your own schedule and workload while earning a respectable salary at the same time? Our system is meant for you - with eTXT, you can work as a freelance translator!

Often small companies can’t afford to pay full-time translators. eTXT facilitates the interaction between the client and the freelance translator.

Clients that require text translation will register on our system and post jobs. After you are registered as an author, you will be able to see all job postings in the “Show All Orders” section. You can assess the level of difficulty, price and deadline of each posting, and apply for any job that fits your skills and availability. You may start working on the job after the client accepts your application. For your protection and convenience, all interactions with the client are documented in eTXT personal chat messages.

Payment for quality work is guaranteed by our system. The variety of available jobs is ever-expanding, especially for websites requiring translation to English. You can always find a job opportunity for translation according to your preferences. Working as translator at home - it is for real!

For Client

If your business is operating in different countries, you must have an English version of your website, and potentially other foreign languages. Machine translation does not come close to quality requirements, and this is why you need a professional translator.

Quality website translation depends on translator's skills, as well as the difficulty and peculiarity of the text. Using eTXT, you can always find a translator with the appropriate level of expertise and qualifications. Our translators support a variety of languages, including English, Japanese, Italian, and others.

To post a job for translation, first you need to register on eTXT as a client. You can estimate the price and level of difficulty of translation in the job posting. After you post the job on eTXT, it will become available for viewing by prospective translators, and you may have applications within minutes!

If you have already worked with particular translators that you trust and are satisfied with their work, you assign jobs directly to them. This can speed up work completion time significantly.

Throughout the process, your interactions with be documented with eTXT personal chat messages.

When the translator completes the job, you can review their work. If you are satisfied with the quality, you can accept the order and funds will be automatically withdrawn from your system account to the translator's balance. / Proofreading Services
For Author

Unfortunately, nobody's perfect - every copywriter occasionally makes spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. An author often becomes blind to these errors because they are so focused on creating engaging content and prone to overlook small, but important, details.

How can an author ensure their text is flawless? Use eTXT proofreading services!

Our proofreaders will correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in texts of any length and difficulty with a quick turnaround time. Thanks to eTXT proofreading, you can be sure your article is above reproach.

Proofreading prices vary, depending on the length of the text, but most certainly, eTXT proofreading services are reasonably priced.

And it only takes a couple of minutes to order. Entrust proofreading to eTXT to save your time and nerves.

For Client

Clients working at eTXT realize that having an error-free article is just as important as having a really interesting article.

The content cannot be of high quality if it contains grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. If you are working with large volumes of text, you can delegate proofreading to our freelancers. They are available anytime for your convenience.

Our proofreaders are quick and skilled. They will help you get your text into shape very quickly without compromising quality.

Maybe you are a small company, and you can’t afford to have dedicated staff for proofreading. You don't need to have an expert on staff to know if all the commas are in the correct places, or to know for sure whether a word is spelled correctly. eTXT proofreaders will solve these problems for you.

Simple misprints and errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar can negatively impact the credibility of your content.

By ordering proofreading services, you will instantly improve the quality and trustworthiness of your articles, as well as the reputation of your organization.

Prices vary based on the length of the text and placing an order is easy. Quick and high-quality proofreading at a reasonable price is available to you now.

Content-writing service eTXT